Photography: Family: Cory & Kathy

Originally posted: October 15th, 2008

I used to work with Kathy at that nine-to-five, go nowhere job that I blogged about before.  Even though the job itself was mind-numbingly boring to me, the people who I worked with were the complete opposite.  Kathy is animated – full of life and chutzpah – and she often had me laughing with her cryptic observations and tell-it-like-it-is attitude.  She has the best eye roll/shoulder shrug combo that I’ve ever seen and I admire the way she seems to shrug off stress.

looking-down-square-7x72When we went out to shoot her family portraits, it was a really bad day for lighting.  There was bright sun and spotted shadows through the trees and, since I was still learning and experimenting with lighting techniques, I had to place them in several different spots before I was able to find lighting that I could work with comfortably.k-c-from-above-8x10Where Kathy is loud and boisterous, Cory is quiet and unassuming.  He always seems to have a shy smile on his face, which is great from a photographic perspective because I could shoot him and not have to remind him to smile – saved so much time :).calvin-profile-8x8-squareIt was only about 14 celsius out when we were shooting, but Calvin was a little trooper.  He didn’t seem to notice the cold, even though his little ears and cheeks were bright red with it.  The only problem we ran into was that he would smile right up until it was time to point the camera at him and then he’d stop smiling and get this really wary look on his face.  Kathy and Cory were amazing with him, though and managed to get him to smile in spite of that big ole camera lens. That day, I learned a valuable lesson about always taking props to keep kids entertained during photo shoots!!!cory-and-calvin-walking-color-popper-8x10upsy-daisy-bw-with-glow-8x10

Thanks Cory, Kathy and Calvin. I had a great time shooting your family and look forward to working with you again.

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