Photography: Individual Portraits: Donna

Meet the lovely Miss Donna.  Not only is she one of my good friends, but I was also privileged enough to shoot a series of head shots for this aspiring actress last summer.  Despite the 40 celsius weather, we headed out with a bag full of lenses and other toys to experiment with some different venues I’d been wanting to shoot around Kamloops.


Donna is beautiful, acts like a complete natural in front of the camera, and she’s absolutely hilarious.  We spent more time trying to stop laughing to get shots than we actually spent shooting.  donna-9-8x10-modern-antiqueDonna’s shoot was my first formal opportunity to shoot individual portraits.  I was really excited, but fairly nervous as well.  Luckily, she was such a natural that my butterflies soon disappeared and were quickly replaced with a sense of ease behind the camera and aching sides from laughing myself silly!donna-11-8x10-hhs-hot-fudge-vignetteI had to keep reminding myself that there is always a learning curve when a person is trying out something new, but all in all, I think things went well.  She loved her pics and I learned a lot about lighting in different conditions.  And, since she volunteered to be my model, she didn’t have to pay for her pictures.  Free is always a good thing!donna-14-river-sepia


Thanks so much Donna.  You are a beautiful person, both inside and out and I am just really blessed to have you in my life, but I think I have to stay away from you for awhile because my sides are still aching from all that laughing!

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