Motorcylce Adventures: Abbotsford Motorbike Show Jan 2009

Wouldn’t ya know it, this year when it was time for the big bike show in Abbotsford (at the TradePlex), I couldn’t think of a convenient excuse to stay home.  Dang!  I thought, “Well, if I have to go, I may as well bring my camera along and see if there is anything interesting to shoot.”  So, we jumped in the car for the three hour drive through the hell on earth that is the Coquihalla Highway in winter, and headed for the show.

WOWZAS!  Two things about the trip completely surprised me.

The first is that the Coq (as it’s affectionately known to us locals) was so clear it was as though summer conditions existed on the highway itself, while winter blanketed every nook and cranny surrounding it. No ice.  No snow.  Not even an accident.  Heavenly!

The second was that I thoroughly enjoyed the bike show.

Don’t get me wrong, I live to jump on our GoldWing and cruise the highways with the Hub.  We’re even in the process of having a trailer built for our little dog (if 50 lbs is little), so we can travel with him all summer long. There is nothing quite like the freedom of being able to lounge on the back of the bike with my camera in hand while Greg does all the work.  And it can certainly be said that the view through the lens without the obstruction of a surrounding car adds an element of openness to my photos.  However, the idea of looking at a bunch of different types of bikes and pushing my way through a huge crowd of motorcyle-crazed oglers has never held any appeal for me, so enjoying the show was a pleasant surprise.

Not only was there a plethora of items to shoot, the colors and patterns and uniqueness of each bike (except the KTM series, which are ALL orange) had me continually gaping and raising my eyebrows to say, “WOWZA!”

Here are a few cool shots I took while waiting for Greg to sit on nearly EVERY bike in the entire TradePlex. (lol, boys and their toys)!

Owner's daughter's custom paint jobPurple and black Harley_dsc03251_dsc0358_dsc0368_dsc0389

Okay, Greg has a penchant for making up nicknames for me and lately, he has been calling me Boo.  A few years ago, he started calling me Cougar.  For those of you who don’t know this, a Cougar is a slang term for an older lady who picks up younger men – as I am only two and a half years older than Greg is, I think he has a lot of nerve to call me a Cougar.  That fantastic nickname was later changed to Booger Cougar (I’m not certain why) and has been recently shortened to Boo.  A couple of weeks ago, Greg was surfing the net for motorcycle jackets and he came across a website that was selling hot pink leather chaps. “Hey, Boo,” he called from my office. “I’ve found something that I want you to get for riding on the bike.  They’re really for safety, but I think you’ll like the look of them too.”  Yah, sure buddy.  There is no way I was going to let him order a pair of hot pink leather chaps.  I know, I know, my helmet is pink, but I draw the line at too much pink accessorizing.  Guess what I found at the motorbike show while Greg was talking to some dude about new tires?

Hot Pink Chaps by ICONMOTO

Hot pink leather chaps by icon moto
Hot pink leather chaps by icon moto

Aren’t those AWESOME?  What?  You no likey? Me neither!

Of course, BMW was at the show and they seemed to be camped in the best possible spot, right in the middle of the entire shindig.  We had to walk by them every time we wanted to cross the floor and, since Greg has been sort of drooling over a BMW bike for awhile now, we often had to stop so he could sit on the bikes and fantasize about life on a Beamer Bike. I think fantasizing is a wonderful way to spend time and I often daydream about traipsing over the globe, shooting all sorts of amazing events and picturesque places and getting paid for it.  Did you know that Edgar Allen Poe once said that those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night?  So true.  Here’s a bit of Greg dreaming.

BMW Bike 1

BMW Bike 2

Yellow BMW Bike 3

And, of course, you can’t have a motorbike show without some beautiful ladies wandering the floor in skimpy outfits.  Greg and I were talking to a Harley dealer when one of them walked by.



Both of them stopped talking and turned into complete neanderthals for a good three minutes while she stopped a few bikes down to chat with another Harley dealer.  When she left for another booth, Greg turned to me with a sheepish grin and said, “Boo, let’s go check out the cowboy booth.” Hilarious. To humor him, we went to the cowboy booth, where I rolled my eyes as he looked through the rack of “chaps”.  To make him happy, I let him buy me a pair of the undies she’s wearing in the picture. Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Oooookay then. To make me happy, I also let him buy me one of those pink cowboy hats she was wearing!!!

_dsc0372Isn’t that sick!!!

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself when I automatically assume I won’t enjoy something (such as going to the bike show) and then end up pleasantly surprised.  The show was a reminder to me to always keep an open mind and to look for the interesting aspects of seemingly mundane outings.  Does this mean that I am going to head to the bike show every year from now on?  Not on your life, but I did have a really good time.

Take care and keep an open mind.

Jo LeFlufy

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