Engagement Photography: Mandy & Graham

Ah, to be young and in love.  Okay, I am young and in love, but it’s always nice to see others are as well!

The day of Mandy and Graham’s engagement shoot was freezing and we couldn’t meet up until it was almost dark.  This was a good thing for photos because it was nearly the magic hour, but it was also very cold and Mandy was wearing a skirt.  Not to mention that I took them to an obscure area out by the pulp mill and they had to hike through the bush for the shoot. Sorry guys!  They were both troopers though and we ended up with some lovely pics.




The shoot, despite being really cold, was so much fun.  I did end up posing them for a few shots, but for the most part, I told them to just be in love and I walked around them and shot when I saw something I liked.

It was nearly dark, so I cranked up my ISO and turned off my flash to capture the ambient light.  I like some of my pics grainy and I love the way these three pics turned out.




I was trying to capture the love and the closeness that they exuded in abundance.  At times, it was as though they completely forgot I was there – they were just so into each other.  It was wonderful.

The last pic I took was just before the light disappeared altogether. I purposely set my settings to only let in a minimal amount of light so they all but blend into the background.  It made it feel like such an intimate, secluded moment.  Two lovers on a secluded beach just enjoying each other.  When I edited the pic, I bumped up the grain even more to give it a sort of old-school film feel.


Thanks so much Mandy and Graham.  I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you and I am really looking forward to shooting your wedding in May.

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