Wedding Photography: Donna & Brian

Some of you may have seen an earlier post that I published about the lovely Miss Donna.  Well, she is no longer a lovely Miss, but a lovely Mrs.

Originally, I was only supposed to second shoot the wedding (because Brian’s dad is Dan Port of Dan Port Photography and he was supposed to be the photographer at their wedding).  I was just bringing my camera along to shoot extra stuff when the opportunity arose and I was going to enjoy the day with everyone else.  Well, the night before the wedding, Donna told me that Dan wasn’t interested in shooting the wedding at all anymore and he’d decided he just wanted to relax and enjoy his son’s big day.  Great.  No problem.  Nothing like extremely short notice to force a gal to get her game on! I didn’t even have time to find a second shooter and had to go it alone.

I recently watched a podcast with a wedding photographer in the States, named Me Ra Koh (pronounced Meera) and she was laughing about always thinking her pictures are going to be horrible when she shoots a wedding.  Of course, they never are and she’s fabulous (you can check her photos out at, but I can completely relate to what she was saying.  Maybe it’s because I’m a woman and we are naturally  more self conscious, or maybe it was because I was shooting for a friend and I was riddled with anxiety about ruining her big day. Whatever it was, it was ridiculous because I knew she would be happy with the photos no matter what happened.

Even though I have been advised to never, ever shoot a wedding by myself and always have a second (and sometimes third) shooter, I still went ahead and shot it all by my lonesome.












Aren’t weddings awesome!!! Aside from joining two people together for the rest of their lives, they also serve to remind us that true love does exist and force us to remember what it was like to look at our own loves through newlywed eyes.  Love is amazing, so is Donna – compassionate, passionate, hilarious, sensitive, intelligent, magic – and I’m so happy and grateful that she has found a man who really gets her.  Thank you, Brian, for being so persistent and gentlemanly while wooing our Donna and for loving her and making her laugh every day.  We couldn’t have asked for a better match.  And thanks Mr. and Mrs. Port, for trusting me to capture your day and for reminding me how much I believe in love!

One thought on “Wedding Photography: Donna & Brian

  1. Jo, you are an amazing photographer and even more amazing friend. The moments that you captured will leave us with a lifetime of loving memories. Thank you so much for making our experience immortalized! You are a true talent!

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