Family Photography: The First Grandchild

Have you ever noticed the change in some people’s eyes when they become grandparents for the first time?  It’s difficult to describe, but it’s a subtle, barely perceptible glow.  It’s almost as if the soul is so overwhelmed with love that it’s trying to shine through their eyes to let it’s light fall on the new baby.  If you don’t understand what I am describing, have a look at your mom or your dad the next time they are playing with your children.  I mean, really look in their eyes for that extra special something that you’ve never really noticed before.  Do you see it?

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of my aunts and uncles as they played with their very first grandchildren.  I was about an hour into shooting when I looked up to see the exact expression I’ve just described to you in my auntie’s eyes and I just felt this deep wave of such unconditional adoration and love fill up in my chest that it nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I wonder if it is the same feeling that parent’s get when they see their child for the first time?  I can’t wait to find out!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Twins pic 1




oh oh who's got my blanky


2 thoughts on “Family Photography: The First Grandchild

  1. hi Joanne
    oh my I sure hope you are going to be doing the pictures for Michael and molly.
    you are a pro. thank you for sending me those photos. so beautiful. xo

  2. Oh, Joanne!! Thank you soooooo very much, I don’t have any 18m photos of her and these couldn’t have been more perfect. Sears has photos that are too posed and I really appreciate you taking these and sending them to me 🙂

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!
    Love Miranda

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