Volunteering – A great photographer or a clever one?

Yesterday, I was surfing my favorite blogs (Jasmine Star, Kevin Kubota, Me Ra Koh, Dane Sanders, etc) and I noticed something about every single one of them – there are no “ugly” people posted.  When I say “ugly”, I actually mean less-than-movie-star gorgeous.  I personally believe that almost everyone has some beauty in them somewhere and no matter what a person looks like, that beauty will shine through for people who aren’t judgemental or prejudiced.  NOT that I’m calling any of the above photographers any of those things.  They are all the complete opposite and all of them are amazing, giving people and amazing photographers.

I think it’s a bit of a catch 22, though.  If a photographer posts photos in their portfolio of the clients that don’t look movie star beautiful, they seem to lose some of their appeal. This is because their potential clients look at their pictures and, if everyone looks like a movie star, they think, “Wow, I can look like a movie star too.”  If they don’t see movie star quality, I suspect many people move on until they find a photographer who only posts the glam-type photos because most people want to look glamorous when they get pics done.  I think that the well-known photogs above don’t actually discriminate about posting their photos and that they actually end up shooting clients who are actually movie star gorgeous.  This is a touchy subject (as I learned last night when I posted a comment about it on Jasmine’s blog and she got pissed at me – I apologize, I was not being critical, I was merely making an observation) and one probably not to be brought up in a room full of celebrity photographers.  However, it has made me wonder how many other photographers out there only post the gorgeous people or only take on clients who are gorgeous people.  I am making a vow that I will post every client on my blog (as J Star does), even if they are no Brad Pitt or Charlize Theron!

Just my two bits for the day.  Now, off to apologize to the fabulous Jasmine Star for ruffling her feathers.  Me and my big mouth!!!

2 thoughts on “Volunteering – A great photographer or a clever one?

  1. Goodness, I hope she wasn’t offended. The comment was meant to be more of a thought-provoking question rather than an offensive statement. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think it, although I may have been one of the first to bring it up! Thanks Joan. I appreciate your taking the time to set my mind at ease.

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