Valentine’s Day – Bah Humbug

Even though I am a total romantic at heart, I have never understood the need for a national holiday to remind people to express their love.  Every day is a good day to express your feelings to the people you love, so why wait for one particular day and then spend a fortune on junk food and other useless trinkets in an effort to prove your love?

In the past ten years, I’ve become quite anti-Valentine’s Day and anti-Christmas.  Both seem to be all about buying gifts and neither seem to capture the true essence of the holiday-the opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family, not the opportunity to go out and break the bank trying to find them the perfect gift.

Way back when, these holidays used to be a symbol of the importance of spending time with our loved ones. My fondest wish is to celebrate a Christmas that involves no gifts at all, except that of time spent with family and friends.

Is that even possible in this mixed up material world of stuff, stuff and more stuff?  Commercially-based holidays give me mood swings, which is what I’ve named the following pic, “mood swings”.  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and remember that it shouldn’t be about what you get, but about the time and love that you give to others.


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