Volunteering – Junior Achievement – A day of Volunteering!

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of volunteering for Junior Achievement Day up at Thompson Rivers University.  It’s run by the lovely and talented and all around amazing Gemma Gowling and it is geared toward teaching young people about life after high school – figuring out strengths and weaknesses, skills and interests, job search 101 (including interview skills, tips and tricks) and how to use a budget and keep it balanced.  Once a year, volunteers, like moi and many others, head up to TRU to teach a class of high school students all about real life. I also recruited Donna and we paired up to teach the Grade 9 & 10 students from Beattie School of the Arts.  I thought it fitting that I was able to teach an entire class of creative people, just like me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Over 600 kids from high schools all over the District were in attendance.  Amazing!  Here’s a picture of everyone at the end of the day!


All of the people in the front rows were volunteers who generously donated their time, their life experience and their business experience to the kids!  I love the fact that our small community has so many generous and giving people in it!

Donna and I spent the day helping the kids to envision their futures by defining what success means to them, how they hope to accomplish their goals and dreams, and by providing basic knowledge and skills about money management.  We played interactive board games (created by the JA team to facilitate the learning process), got to know each of our kids through group discussions and we also shared a lot of laughs.  This was my first time volunteering for JA and I honestly can’t wait to do it again!  So thanks to Gemma and JA for caring enough about the kids to spend all that time putting such a great day together.

Here are a few pics of our class!  Enjoy and, if you are interested in becoming a Junior Achievement volunteer in the future, please contact Gemma Gowling at gemma.gowling@jabc.org.





Jo as a teacher









2 thoughts on “Volunteering – Junior Achievement – A day of Volunteering!

  1. WOW! Did you EVER capture the essence of the program! It is such a worthwhile investment of time, and we couldn’t have asked for more captivating audience. The young adults were a treat!

  2. Great Joanne, and thanks for the JA info and pictures from last time. They are totally awesome and I welcome this new info and will be checking it out. YOU ROCK!!

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