Baby Photography – Baby Evan…or should I say, Mr. Giggles

Evan is nearly six months new and he is an absolute doll – just ask his proud parents, Tori and Kris!  Actually, you don’t have to ask them because you can see their faces light up each and every time they look at their first born son.  We were having a visit – me and my friends with their babies – and, of course, I just couldn’t leave the camera in its case.  Evan was fairly quiet for most of the day, but at one point it was just me and him, hanging out on the floor in the living room, chillaxin.  I started making funny faces at him and he started laughing quite hysterically, so I, naturally, grabbed a few shots of Mr. Giggles!



Isn’t he adorable.  I also spent some time capturing some “moments with mommy” although I’m sure that Tori thought I was just taking pics of Evan…Here are a couple of my favorites.




Evan even had a little supervisor to keep him entertained while he was enjoying some tummy time!


Photographing babies has to be, in my opinion, the best way to spend a day!  Thanks Baby Evan for hanging out with me and hamming it up for my lens.  And thanks Tori for being such a good friend and a positive, happy person.  I always feel so much lighter after I hang out with you for a few hours! xo

3 thoughts on “Baby Photography – Baby Evan…or should I say, Mr. Giggles

  1. these are amazing Jo!! Thank you so much. You are soo talented. Hope to see you guys soon. Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Your photos are exceptionally good! I had no idea. Keep up the good work, if you lived a little closer I could send lots of business your way but I don’t know anyone in Kamloops.

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