Gratitude and Attitude February 21st

I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided to change my Roses and Thorns blogs to Gratitude and Attitude because, in essence, I’m expressing my gratitude for the good stuff and giving attitude to the bad. And here I am, sending it out for the second time this week.  What can I say, it has been a craaaaaazy week.  Let’s not waste anymore time on small talk…

Today’s Gratitude goes out to:

Jennifer Larsen.  An all around awesome gal with the best energy ever and also an amazing acupuncturist.  Thanks for bringing me back to myself once each week and reminding me to take time to relax and breathe.  And, as an aside, who knew that “Excessive Joy” was actually a bad thing for your heart!  Thanks for removing the “excessive” part and leaving just the “joy” part. (Anyone need an acupuncturist – call Jen at 250-376-3070 at Vital Point Acupuncture – she’s the best!)

Saturday Morning Coffee. I know, it’s strange to send out a feeling of gratitude to my Saturday morning cup of coffee, but I really do appreciate it more than I can say.  I don’t drink any caffeine during the rest of the week and I try not to drink more than a small cup on Saturday morning, but it always reminds me just how much I loooooooove coffee.  And, it’s not just the coffee that makes me grateful, it’s also the ritual.  Every Saturday morning, we wake up and Greg gets dressed and drives over to Tim Horton’s to pick us up coffee (Latte for me, double double for him) while I make blueberry spelt pancakes and poached eggs.  Then we sit down with our steamy cups and healthy breakfast and just enjoy each others company for awhile.  The rest of the week is so hectic that we don’t get a chance to do much together besides sleep, so Saturday morning is almost a bit of sanctuary and a chance to reconnect.  Thank you Saturday morning coffee.

The Body Shop. For not testing any of their products on animals and for having sales that allow me to buy all of the face care products I will need for the next six months for the whopping sum of $72.  The Body Shop is a bit like American Express in that “membership has its privileges”!!!

My stepdad, Mike Lapointe. Even though my mom passed away ten years ago, he has never drifted away or stopped loving me or being a father figure to me.  I always know that whenever I need advice or someone to vent to or just a heartfelt hug, Mike is only 35 minutes away and he’ll come running.  I love him so much and am so grateful that he did such a good job raising me. And I’m also continually amazed and grateful at how selfless he is.  My little “sister” Ali is his second stepdaughter and, even though he didn’t have to help raise either of us, he still did (and still is).  I believe she is such an amazing kid because Mike and Deb are raising her together and that really makes all the difference in a kid’s life.  It’s funny how I get so hung up on not being able to get pregnant or having kids of my own, yet he embraced two kids that weren’t even his and raised them as though they were.  I should remind myself of that every time I get pissy about not having kids yet.  Thank you so much for being the amazing person that you are.

Today’s Attitude goes out to:

Greg’s POS 1993 GMC pick up. We love you, take care of you, wash you and keep you tuned up (well, except for the transmission) and you decide to break down on me not once, not twice, not three times, but four times in one day.  You’re lucky we don’t send you to the scrap heap with a big red ribbon tied around your ass.  Sheesh.

Well, that’s it for today’s Attitude and Gratitude.  And, as blogs are always more fun with a picture, here’s a pic of Juno that I took yesterday while trying to figure out how to use my new lens.


Happy Saturday everybody.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude and Attitude February 21st

  1. Your thoughts and words are appreciated Jo. Don’t forget that the one who deserves gratitude the most is you for your continual commitment to personal growth. I’m happy to be your friend along the journey. Extending my gratitude back to you for the continual laughs and learning that you share with me each visit.

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