Happy Anniversary to me!

Well, today was the big day – our second wedding anniversary.  Despite the fact that both of us nearly forgot about our anniversary (and had to be reminded during the week by our sister-in-law – Thanks Christer!!!), we managed to come out of it unscathed.  This morning we woke up and Greg made me a delicious breakfast of eggs & toast (my favorite) before he took off with his friend Martin to pick up a new-to-us stove. I took the dogs for a hike and then headed up to a friend’s place to say hi and wish her mother-in-law a Happy 70th birthday.  Then I came home and watched the movie Changeling while Greg rewired the new-to-us stove.  We had a delicious dinner of reheated tacos made with moose meat and, as I write this, he is out renting us a funny/romantic movie to top off our “romantic 2nd anniversary”.

As I sit here, looking around my living room at the giant moose rack hanging above my head, at the small beer fridge beside the couch (within Greg’s easy reach), at the huge fly-tying desk with the deer antlers hanging above it, I’m thinking to myself, You’re the one who decided that marrying a redneck hunter/fisherman was the best idea you’ve ever had.  And you know what, it really was a great idea.  Sure, he’s a bit on the stubborn side (a BIT, yeah, that’s funny) and he sometimes drives me crazy (sometimes, ha ha) and the idea that I’ll ever have a house that is girly is enough to make me laugh until I pee my pants, but despite all of that, I still feel as though I must be the luckiest girl alive.

As I sit here, looking around my living room with all its craziness and disorder and, well, redneckishness, I realize that I feel completely at home and there is really nowhere else I would rather be. Just me and my redneck and our animals, hanging out and reveling in the chaos of our lives. If there’s a heaven, this must be what its like.

Happy Anniversary to me!

Fishing with the boys

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