Baby Photography – Baby Rylan and Big Brother Kyler

Did I mention babies are my absolute favorite subject to shoot?  The face expressions and movements made by developing muscles are so much fun to catch.  Raised eyebrows, secret smiles, imaginary marathons – babies are just such a mystery to me and I love everything about them.  Recently I had a chance to visit some of our friends who live in Agassiz and I spent some time hanging out on the floor with their 2 month old and her big brother.  I noticed that they had a lot of pictures of their son up on the wall, but none of the new baby yet, so I figured I would shoot some and then surprise them!

Here are my favorites.






For the last pic, Kyler was playing with his trains and he kept backing up and backing up until he had wedged himself under the baby’s vibrating chair.  When I took this pic he was saying, “Ooph, I’m stuck under here.”  It was hilarious.


What a fun day that was!  Thanks Jenn & Chad for your hospitatility and friendship and, of course, for allowing me snap pictures of your kids!

One thought on “Baby Photography – Baby Rylan and Big Brother Kyler

  1. Oh my freakin’ GOD Jo……AMAZING pics! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Thank you soooooo much for taking them and sharing them with me. They’ll be on the wall next time you’re here. 🙂

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