The Booger living in my eyebrow turned me into a Drama Queen


I haven’t blogged for a couple of days because I am sick with Strep Throat.  The back of my throat is a wonderful mosaic of harsh reds, purples, blues and yellowy pus – it’s fannnnntastical! I think I may also have a cold because I keep sneezing all over myself and swallowing phlegm.  Yep, when you hang out with Jo, that’s what you get – nothing held back and all the grossness in vivid detail.  That’s how I roll.

This morning, I woke up and went straight to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.  When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t figure out who that pale, big-lipped stranger was, until I leaned in really close and saw my own rheumy eyes staring blankly back at me.  Oh, I greeted myself, good morning Jo.  As I sat there staring at someone who didn’t resemble my normal pink and fresh self, I noticed a thing sticking out of my already disheveled right eyebrow.  What is THAT? I grabbed the pull out mirror, flipped it to magnified (because I wasn’t wearing my glasses) and leaned in to get a good look.  Yep, there it was, a big ole greenish  yellow boog all stuck up in the hair of my brow.  Eeeeeeeek, I shrieked as I grabbed for a face cloth and some Tea Tree Facial Scrub,  Get it out.  Get it oooooooouuuuuuut.

After 30 seconds of vigorous scrubbing and another 30 of jumping up and down and repeatedly yelling, ewwww, ewwwww, ewwww, the ordeal was over.  My right eyebrow was not only cleaned of the evil boog, but it was tamed again and with it, so were my senses.  I sat down on the edge of the tub and thought, What is wrong with you, LeFlufy?  It was just a little ole booger – not like you found a cockroach living in your ear or something.  When did you become so girly???? I must really be sick to freak out over something so silly.  I can pick up a wolf spider with my bare hands and put it outside without batting an eyelash, but I have a meltdown when I get a booger entwined in my eyebrow.  Maybe it’s time to go back to bed?

To top it off, after my hissy fit, Greg came walking into the bathroom and asked what all the fuss was about.  When I told him the story, he snorted in disgust and said, You’re such a Drama Queen.

So there you have it, I’m usually as tough as nails, but today the booger living in my eyebrow turned me into a Drama Queen.

Now for today’s fave pics.

Here’s one of our old man dog, Dyogi, that I took while we were fishing last year. He’s so handsome for a 15 year old poochie.dyogi-up-close-july-20081

Here’s a shot that I took last winter while we were walking the dogs by the river.


Here’s a shot of my big brother that was taken by my little brother (who also loves photography as much as I do).


And here’s a shot of my Drama King and Juno!people0021

Happy Saturday.  I hope you all feel much better than I do!

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