Gratitude & Attitude

Ah yes, sometimes I really need to put my G&A’s in writing, just to keep life in perspective. Yesterday was not a good day and, frankly, there were about 50 things to add to my Attitude list.  However, I’ve had a good night’s sleep to mull it all over and I’ve narrowed it down to only a few.  Sleep is a wonderous luxury that I refuse to ever take for granted.  And so, on that note:

Today’s Gratitude goes out to:

1.  Sleep.  There’s really nothing else (besides meditation) that can bring me back to myself and remind me that I am a positive person, not a negative ninny who focuses on the fertilizer and forgets about the roses.  Sleep, you and I have always had an amazingly symbiotic relationship, you are one of my best peeps.

2.  Greg.  Even though he is on his three-day weekend rotation right now, he knows that I have a ton of work to do today and he has taken himself and the dogs outside to leave me with peace and quiet for a few hours.  I just looked out the window and he is doing a spring doggy poop clean up in the back yard.  Cleaning up the poo poo is my job because it makes him gag. Go figure.  The guy can shoot a deer, skin it, chop it up and make steaks and burger out of it, but picking up dog poop makes him gag! Allllllrighty then.  I can’t wait to watch him change dirty diapers some day!!!! Anyway, I digress, the poop scooping is my job because he can’t handle it, but he’s outside right now (with a shirt tied around his nose) scooping it all into buckets for me.  When he’s done that, he plans to clean my car, which is a monumental task because I haven’t cleaned it for months and I’ve had the dogs in it nearly every day.  What a guy! Of course, you’ll all see later, in my Attitude section, that he is probably doing this because he made me very, very frustrated yesterday and he’s kissing up a wee bit. Either way, it still makes me very grateful.

3. Mike Firlotte at the Water Treatment Plant.  You have made my technical writing life soooo much easier by providing me with copies of your course material on Water Disinfection.  I am so grateful for your generosity and so grateful that I asked Greg to find someone to talk to me over there.  I look forward to working with you for the next few months because, really, even though I know the chemistry side of things, I’m a bit lost when it comes to the technical details of chlorination and all that other complicated “stuff”.  Thanks Mike.

4.  Greg’s Grandma Rigmor who passed away on Saturday.  Even though we seldom saw eye to eye and I thought you were quite a piece of work (ie. difficult to deal with) at times, I am very grateful that you were around to teach us patience. I am also grateful that you were always so good to Greg.  He really has nothing except good memories of you and never looked at you in the same light that others sometimes did.  He was very sad when he heard the news and I know he will always hold a special place in his heart for you.  Thank you for making an effort to overcome your negativity when you were hanging out with him and I hope you are resting in peace.

5. My youngest brother, Ian.  You are, at times, so much like I was at 17 that I feel as though I am looking in the mirror or seeing my twin.  Perhaps it has something to do with being the youngest child because, after all, until you and Sheila came along, I was the youngest for a very long time.  When I see and hear the way you react to situations, I just have to smile.  It makes me grateful that I eventually grew up and stopped looking at the world as though it owed me something. I look forward to the day when you have the same epiphany, but for now, I am grateful for the amusement you provide with your teenage thinking.  I love you just the way you are, little bro, even if it drives me crazy sometimes.

Today’s Attitude goes out to:

1.  Greg.  Yesterday during our two-stepping/jive class, I asked him to give me more of a signal when he wanted me to do a change step and, rather than saying, “Okay honey, I realize you’re not a mind reader and I obviously wasn’t signalling as strongly as I thought I was,” he proceeded to get his back up and insist that he was signalling and that I should pay better attention.  After that, anything I said was construed as an attack on his dance style and I could say no right. I realize that I dragged him to the class so he could learn how to dance and I realize that he would much rather have been out riding his motorbike than dancing with his wife on a Sunday afternoon, but come on, would it kill him to make an attempt to actually enjoy himself for the whole 1.5 hours it took out of his day. I believe he picked up on my frustration, hence the clean-a-thon that is taking place outside as I write this!

2.  The US Postal service.  I ordered two DVD video tutorials from Photography Mentor and the combined total was over $300 CDN and, when they finally arrived (after a month of waiting), the cases were broken and both DVD’s were scratched to the point that they wouldn’t even play.  There was a note from Canada Post that said, “We apologize.  Your package arrived from the US in this condition and we regret any inconvenience this has caused you.”  The worst part was that the package had been packed exactly as it should have been, with the correct amount of padding and security and it was still trashed.  I called the US Postal Service customer “satisfaction” line and the utterly rude lady on the line said, “Oh well, that often happens, although we try to avoid it.”  No offer to reimburse me for the loss or to even apologize.  Arrrrrrrgh.  Luckily, PM was kind enough to reship the DVD’s free of charge.  Photography Mentor = good peeps.  US Postal Service = badddddd peeps.

3. The Weather.  It’s March 16th and it snowed yesterday.  If I was done with winter before, I’m close to “going postal” on it by now (every pun intended).  I’m seriously thinking about moving to a tropical country or at least wintering somewhere warm for the winter.  This is ridiculous.

That’s it for today. I’ve been experimenting with lighting and using my pets as models because they are easier to experiment with than people! Here’s a pic of Juno and his favorite teddy dog and a sexy boudoir photo of Sky Train. Tee and Hee.



I hope you all have a great Monday and I want to send my Shannie in Calgary a very big and juicy warm hug on her Birthday! Love you lady!

One thought on “Gratitude & Attitude

  1. Love your blogs like crazy! The pictures of your animals are incredible and yes, sleep for me too can be a life saver. Keep truckin right along Jo, you are an inspiration as well as a good laugh sometimes !!

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