Travels – LeFlufy Vegas Vacation Part III: The Saress, must sees and smart gambling tips!

This brings us to the last post in the Vegas Vacation trilogy and it’s a good thing, too, because I’m already forgetting all that we did there. Perhaps I’m blocking it out on purpose, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely becoming more and more of a blissfully vague memory.

One thing that I won’t forget about Vegas is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time – a Saress.  It’s kind of cross between a Sarong and a Wrap Dress and they say it can be made into over 100 styles.  So far, I’ve been watching internet instructional videos and I’ve counted over 80 styles, but I haven’t finished all of the videos yet, so I’m sure the claim must be true.  Basically, it is two pieces of silk fabric, rounded on the bottom and sewed together at the top with two long ties.  It’s reversible and the patterns and colors are completely different, so you can wear it on whatever side you feel in the mood for on any given day. I believe it originated as a fancy beach garment, but it can be dressed up or dressed down with heels, jeans, or anything else you may feel like wearing.  I’m not crazy about the two patterns in my Saress, but it was the best one that I found out of all of the kiosks we looked at and, since I can sew, I figured I’d buy one and then use it as a prototype to sew a few others for myself.  It is such a simple idea that whoever came up with it is probably amazingly rich by now because these are popping up everywhere!  The other day, I spent two hours just learning how to create different outfits with it and I liked almost every one of them. I can’t wait for summer!  Have a look._dsc0140


Nifty aint it!  I think I will make a few others using cotton and other fabrics, just for variety.  This one cost $39 US and, considering it is actually over 100 outfits in one, I think it was well worth the money. You can check out the different styles (including a one-sided style) at,, or by googling “100 Grand Dress”.  I think every woman, regardless of her size or shape, should own such a versatile piece of clothing.

Onward and upward people.  This is a huge understatement, but there is just so much to see in Vegas that if a person wants to stay sane (and be able to walk until the end of the day), he or she has to limit the sightseeing to a few things at a time. Here’s the list of my favorites.  Yes, I realize there aren’t very many, but that’s because Vegas just didn’t do much for me!

1. The screen at Fremont St.  It’s a giant movie screen that stretches over an entire city block. This was seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen and it was totally worth the wait (we got there much too early and had to wait around for a couple of hours until it started up at 7:30 p.m..  Also, it only runs for about five to ten minutes, so if you miss it, you’ll be waiting around for another hour. There’s a lot of waiting around for must sees in Vegas!

Here’s a few shots of the screen.  Ah, Vegas, Go Big or Go Home.





2. The fountains at the Bellagio. Spectacular during the day or at night.  Especially awesome from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Like I said, though, if you don’t time things just right, you spend time waiting and waiting and, well, waiting…but at least you can have a drink or two on The Strip while you wait.





3.  The Eiffel Tower in the Paris Las Vegas hotel.  The hotel itself is spectacular, all painted and set up on the inside as though you are walking through the streets of Paris, and the hotel was built around the tower.  The observation deck at the top is 460 feet up, so it’s not too high, but it’s a great way to see everything.  We went up during the day because we wanted to ride to the top of the Stratosphere tower at night.  Here are a few pics of Paris Las Vegas.

This is the inside of the hotel.


I highly recommend getting all hopped up on sugar and riding up to the top!






4. The piano bar at New York New York.  Two guys. Two pianos.  They know any song you could possibly request, they sing very well and  there is always a crowd of people surrounding them.  Picture 100 or so people singing at the top of their lungs along with the dueling piano players. As Shannon would say, “It’s Awwwwwwwwesome.”

5. The ceiling displays in the Bellagio. Here’s my favorite, but there were so many amazing ones.  I liked the umbrellas that were painted like flowers and hanging as well.  I didn’t have my camera on me when we saw those ones, though._dsc0137

And, lastly, I’ll leave you with a few gambling tips picked up by Jay and Shannon at the Black Jack tables.  Apparently, it’s not a great idea to play $600 a game when you are at the tables, especially if you’ve lost the previous 22 hands. At least, that’s what Jay and Shannon decided after they watched a dude lose $2000 in just a few minutes at the tables!  Also, be careful if you hire a hooker and give her money to play Black Jack because she might start winning and decide that you’re not worth her business.  At least, that’s what Jay and Shannon decided after playing with a guy and his “date” and watching her win big and tell the guy that he’d have to leave the other ladies alone for awhile because she was going to reward him…or something along those lines.
Viva Las Vegas! 🙂  Well, at least we tried it out and had some laughs, but we are looking so forward to our next trip to Mexico!

I hope you enjoyed our adventures in Vegas.  Our next adventure will involve our GoldWing and a trip around Vancouver Island sometime in the next couple of months.  Whoo Whoo.

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