I’ve Hit The Wall, but it’s okay because Ewan McGregor’s attitude picked me back up!

Sometimes in this busy, crazy, chaotic life, we come to a point where we’ve had enough and, rather than get sick, our bodies give us the hint by taking over our minds and refusing to allow them to function.  My ex called this “Hitting The Wall” and, predictably, I woke up this morning and ran smack dab into it. I’ve been pulled in too many directions lately and went to bed last night feeling overwhelmed and stretched.

I woke up earlier than usual (around 6:30 p.m.) and decided to do an extra 30 minutes of Yoga to put myself back on my regular schedule.  Most days, I wake up and do 30 minutes of Yoga, eat breakfast, take Juno out for an hour or an hour and a half of exercise, come home and shower and get on with my day. My mind starts whirring like a cloud of locusts buzzing through a corn field from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep and I am constantly being pulled in many different directions, much like Gumby.  I’m sure all of you experience something similar in your day to day.  However, this morning when I finished with the Yoga and lay there in corpse pose waiting for the rush of thoughts to break through my temporary meditative barrier, I was surprised to discover no whirring, no buzzing, no locusts in the corn field of my mind.  Instead, I felt a peaceful and slightly mind-numbing blankness fall upon me and any desire I had to get things done, along with any goals I`d set for the day, just disappeared.

I ended up at the computer, with the idea that I’d work first and walk the pooch in the afternoon, just to change things up.  It wasn’t until I caught myself staring out the window at Creepy Guy (the dude who’s third floor balcony looks across into my office and who seems to spend a good portion of his time looking through his sliding glass doors at me while I work) that I realized I’d Hit the Wall.  Oh, I harrumphed at myself, no wonder. The Wall and I are old friends and I’ve learned to just go with the flow when he comes by for a visit, so, rather than try to accomplish anything, I plunked myself in front of the TV and watched the movie The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.  The movie was oddly interesting, but it wasn’t so much the movie as the lead male that caught my attention.

Greg and I just finished watching Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round and Long Way Down, two documentaries about Ewan’s and his friend Charley’s trip around the world on their motorcycles.  They were absolutely amazing, but what Greg and I liked most about them was Ewan’s personality.  He was hilariously funny (so is Charley) and he just has such a positive, zestful and giddy outlook on life.  I admire him and Charley so much.  Even when parts of their trip became so impossibly hard to handle that most people would have given up, they trudged on, with Ewan keeping them in good spirits almost the entire time.  And, at one point, when the road was nearly impassable, rather than shrug and say, Oh well, I guess we’ll have to turn back, he looked into the camera and actually laughed because they had come so far and he wasn’t about to be stopped by a bad road.  Every time he fell off, he just got right back up and whenever they felt beat, he would suggest that they sit down, take a breather and regroup.  It worked every time.

I found it serendipitous that The Island happened to be playing at the exact moment that I was feeling a tad beat and that Ewan McGregor was the star of the show.  Just seeing him reminded me of his attitude during both documentaries and also reminded me that I just needed to sit down, take a breather and regroup.  So I did and now I feel as good as new.  Thank you, Ewan McGregor, for inspiring me to keep a positive outlook no matter where the road may lead and for reminding me to sit down, take a breather and regroup, when it leads me somewhere unexpected and difficult.

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