Gratitude & Attitude: Jen’s Happy Hour and a painful bikeride

There have been so many items that have made it onto my G&A list in the last couple of weeks, only to be scratched off and replaced as more important or more frustrating aspects of each day evolved.  This morning I woke up a bit bummed.  I was tired from my weekend of schmoozing with Greg’s family and also intimidated by the prospect of working through this week’s list of To Dos (which is as long as Rapunzel’s lovely locks).  Fortunately, there’s always Jen’s Happy Hour to perk me up and get me back on track.  By noon, I was up and running and back on track.

Here we go!  But first, I have to post some pics of my animals, yet again, because they are seriously adorable and I can’t help shooting them whenever I see a good opportunity for a picture.

I absolutely love to take pics of Juno when he’s enjoying the afternoon sun coming through the picture window.  Notice the pile of stuffed animals behind him?  He’s still dragging all six of those behemoth toys throughout the house…lol.


Did I mention that the SPCA in the lower mainland is going to be using a picture of Juno on their posters for a campaign called “Jogs for Dogs”?  There’s a fitness company down there that is auctioning off treadmills and the proceeds will be going to the SPCA.  They needed a photo of a dog on a treadmill and they happened to find my photos of Juno through my blog. Now he’s going to be the prettiest little SPCA poster boy they’ve ever had.  I’m such a proud mama!


I know that Spring has come when Charlie starts jumping onto Greg’s dresser every morning and staring out the window at the birdies. He makes the funniest sounds when they fly by – kind of like, “Eh, eh, eh, eh…”


Okay, now that I’ve got you all warmed up with some of my lovable pets, here goes today’s G&A.


Greg’s mom, Marianne: Sometimes I watch her, as she works a full time job, caters to her husband’s every need, keeps a clean house and still finds time to cook us dinner on Sundays, and I feel nothing but admiration.  I wonder how she does it.  Some days, I can’t even get the dishes done, let alone work all day, make meals and do laundry.  Mama Fluf (that’s what I call Greg’s mom) and many mom’s out there deserve our gratitude.  Mom’s are simply amazing creatures!

My little Nikon D60: No matter what other equipment I have, it’s still my favorite camera because it has never let me down like other cameras have.  If I didn’t need more than one camera, I’d probably consider getting rid of all of them except the D60.  Who needs the ultra expensive models when I love my little D60 so much more than the others???  And I guess my gratitude extends to Nikon because, dang, they make good cameras!

Sister Christer: It doesn’t matter what the situation is or where we are, she can always make me laugh and she never takes life too seriously.  She’s a refreshing addition to my extended family and I love her to bits.

My Greggor: Yesterday was our final dance class and we had such a good time compared to the weekend before.  He was relaxed and he listened to the instructor and we actually danced one hell of a jive!  It was hot and it made me gush with love for him.  I adore those moments when I remember why I love Greg so much and yesterday was one of them.


Yes, we’ll start off with a photo of Sky looking fairly annoyed as I took his picture this morning!  That’s attitude baby!


My Flash Drive and my own somewhat simple brain: After a lovely day at the Wildlife Park with Greg’s cousin and her awesome kids, I transferred all of the pics to my flash drive with the intention of putting them on my laptop.  The flash drive fried just as I was trying to transfer the pics and I lost a whole shwackload of awesome pics.  You may be asking why I didn’t just take the pics off the camera card and download them onto the computer again or why I didn’t just insert the card directly into the laptop and download them onto it directly.  Well, I was super tired and not thinking straight at 2 a.m. and I formatted the card before I made sure the pics had transferred properly.  And, the lap top power cord was in my car and the battery was dying, so I thought I’d just do it quickly before it died because I was too lazy to run out and get the cord.  Sigh.  So, in a nutshell, fried flash drive and formatted card = no more pics.  Too bad for Jo.  Luckily, I had taken enough pics of them the day before to have enough to give her and I took them for free, so it was better that than to lose pics for a paying customer.  Yes, I have definitely learned a valuable lesson out of all this.  Booooooo!

My Motivation: There’s just something about being a creative type that lends itself to a constant ebb and flow of motivation and creative inspiration.  Sometimes, I am blessed with weeks or months of surfing the creative wave, but inevitably, that wave peters out to leave me with a week or two of, well, pure blah.  I’m in a rut with that right now and, no matter what I try to do to regain my creative edge, it also takes its own sweet time to come back to me.  If you love your creativity, you have to set it free.  If it comes back to you, it is yours…

My Liver & Spleen: Apparently, no matter how much acupuncture I get and how much I change my diet, my darn liver and spleen qi seems to continue to be weak and wimpy. My fuse has been a bit short of late and I find myself apologizing to people every day for freaking out and losing my mind. Yet, every time I experience one of Jen’s Happy Hours, I always feel much better for a few days.

My Bike seat: Even with the gel cover on it, all I can say is OUCH! LOL

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