Boudoir Photography – The Twilight phenomenon, my first love and Elisha in the Boudoir

Firstly, let me just say that I don’t get the whole Twilight craziness at all.  I saw the movie without first reading the book and was pleasantly surprised by it. I read all four books afterward and, although I enjoyed them, I didn’t think they were destined to become a crazy cult phenomenon.  I’m even looking forward to the next installment, but seriously, what gives????  Perhaps it’s the idea of romance with a vampire or, more so, the feeling that first love brings – that crazy, head-spinning, all-consuming, ache-in-the-chest, butterflies-in-the-belly kind of feeling.  That was such an intense, amazing and painful experience that it’s hard not to look back on it wistfully. I remember my first love – sweetheart of a guy, musician, funny and thoughtful, left me for one of my two best friends.  Good times.  Although it stung a lot at the time, I couldn’t begrudge them for digging each other as I was hot-headed and a tad crazy and she was sweet and normal and very girl-next-doorish.  She still is and I love her for it!

Even though I understand the whole first love thing, I still don’t get the hype. It’s a movie, real life is much more interesting. I will say, though, that I’d like to get the actor who plays Edward (Robert Pattinson) alone for five minutes in a secluded room…with my camera. He has the most beautiful facial features that just seem to scream take my picture, take my picture right now.  I guess that’s why he used to be a model.

Speaking of models, I’d like you all to meet the beautiful and hilarious Elisha Lindsay.


She’s not a model, but she should be.  She is my little sister’s best friend (since forever) and she was kind enough to strip down to her skivvies and let me shoot a boudoir session with her in my makeshift studio (aka my master bedroom) this week. She was really nervous in front of the camera at first, but after only 10 or 15 minutes, she started to loosen up and we had an absolutely amazing photo shoot.  You may think it is impossible to take a bad picture of this girl, but let me assure you, I took a few and we all had a good laugh when we looked at them later. There were a lot of, “OMG, please don’t show anyone that picture!” comments and this, of course, made us laugh more.

I invited my friend Jaime (who is also a photographer) along to shoot as well and she took some really amazing photos.  I can’t wait to see the pics she’ll be posting to her FB group (Lasting Images Photography).  Please find her group and join it because she doesn’t have a website and she needs some more exposure for her business. (We can always use more exposure…no pun intended).  I’ve kept nearly 100 photos from the boudoir shoot, but I can’t post them all here, so I’ll just post some of my favorites.  To see more, you can check out my website near the end of next week when I’ve had a chance to create a Boudoir page and post the entire photo session, complete with photos of me and Jaime taking photos…lol.

















Okay, I figure that’s quite enough for now.  And, just because I love her so much, here are couple of pics of my little sister (which I forced her to pose for – she doesn’t seem too keen on getting her picture taken).  She’s a beautiful old soul and I don’t know what I would do without her!  When her and Elisha get together, the laughter just never seems to stop (except when they are told to look serious for pics).



The boudoir shoot was amazing in so many ways. I learned so much about angles and posing and anticipating how a shot will look before I take it. And having Jaime there was so helpful because we kept bouncing ideas off of each other and, I believe, it made our pics that much better.

I sat down at the end of the day and felt so blessed to have found a career that makes me  so happy and passionately creative all the time.  How many people can honestly say that they absolute love their jobs?  I truly am blessed, not just because I am able to pursue my passion, but also because I am surrounded by such amazing and interesting people.  Life is just soooooo good sometimes.  I hope you all have a great Saturday and that you, too, find the freedom to pursue your passion.


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