The Mind is a Powerful Instrument

Six months ago I decided to change my morning ritual.  Rather than just waking up, getting out of bed and going about my day, I incorporated two new “Must Do” tasks – five minutes of reminding myself what I’m grateful for and five minutes of positive affirmations.  Hey, why are you laughing?  Believe it or not, it has worked wonders for my outlook on life and my overall health.

Have you ever had one of those days where something bad happens first thing in the morning and then the negative vibes just spiral out of control for the rest of the day?  You know, you get out of bed and stub your toe and it makes you angry.  Then you go to squirt toothpaste onto your toothbrush and it shoots out of the tube and all over the mirror and you wonder when they started inserting tiny jet propellers into the toothpaste tubes.  Then you spill coffee on your shirt right before you have to head out to work and you have to change, which makes you late, so your boss yells at you and so on and so forth until the entire world seems to be set against you. Ever have one of those days?  I don’t.  Not anymore at least.  I used to have plenty of them before I started including that much needed 10 minutes of “feel good stuff” in my morning ritual.

This morning I woke up, stretched, scratched my big toe and said the following out loud:

I am so happy and grateful

  1. that I have trained my brain to think positive in all things and that I keep up the effort daily.
  2. for my amazingly well-behaved pooches who keep me smiling day after day and always know how to do just the right thing to fill my heart with love.
  3. for Facebook because it is the reason I can finally keep in close touch with my niece and nephew in Edmonton. I miss them so much each and every day and feel as though I’ve missed out on so much of their growing up, but now I’m finally getting to know what makes them tick.
  4. for Greggor because no matter what I do or what I say or how I say it, at the end of the day, he still loves me for me and goes out of his way to make me feel special.
  5. for my family and friends – an amazing network of people who always have my back and who I can always rely on to cheer me up, help me out of a jam and keep me grounded and centered.
  6. that I march to beat of my own drum and always have.  If I didn’t do so, I would have never learned all of the life lessons that have made me the good person I am today.
  7. that I’ve cut out the negative people who used to be in my life.  It’s so much easier to think positively without a constant bombardment of negative vibes trying to cut through my fragile bliss bubble.  I’m proud of myself for having the strength to say enough is enough and getting rid of them.
  8. that I’ve learned how to forgive myself for past mistakes and that I choose to learn from each and every one that I make.
  9. that I live in a reasonably safe country where the people are, for the most part, genuinely nice and caring.
  10. that, even though I don’t always have a ton of time, I still find some to give to others and to make other people feel special.

Then, I took a few deep, cleansing breaths and repeated the following three times each:

  1. I am loving and lovable and I attract loving people to me.
  2. Every experience is a chance to learn from the universe.
  3. My mind and body are healthy, whole and complete.
  4. My friends and family are always safe and healthy.
  5. Life changes for the better every day.
  6. Every day I change in order to become a better version of myself.
  7. I rejoice in the happiness of others and accept others for who they are.
  8. I believe in myself and I know that I am, and always will be, capable of great things.
  9. I express myself creatively through my work and earn a good income doing it.
  10. My relationships are harmonious and bring me great joy.
  11. I am one with the creative power of the universe and this connection brings me fulfillment and abundance.
  12. Every situation has a positive spin on it. It is my duty to find it and work with it.
  13. I am, and always will be, willing to share my knowledge and foresight with others.
  14. Money comes easily and frequently.
  15. I am happy and this day will be the best I’ve ever had.

Why do I do this each day? I’m retraining my brain to put everything in terms of positive thoughts. Sure, not all of the affirmations work all of the time, but I would definitely say they work more often than not.  I say them, not because I believe I will never again have a bad experience if I say them, but because they remind me that any potentially negative situation can be changed over to a positive one just by changing my thoughts.

You may have heard that you can heal yourself with your mind.  Do you know someone who constantly complains about everything, runs around in a state of heightened stress or puts a negative or skeptical spin on most things?  How often is that person sick or ailing?  It is a scientifically proven fact that negativity causes not only stress, but sickness as well.  You can look at it the other way as well.  Many people, who have naturally positive attitudes, have been diagnosed with potentially life-threatening diseases (cancer, MS, etc.) only to be completely cured or in remission in short order.  We have the power to heal ourselves just by changing our thinking and this doesn’t apply to physical ailments alone, many mental issues can be healed “miraculously” when people are taught to think positively and to visualize the disappearance of their symptoms and the cause of their sickness.

The most significant proof of this, from my point of view, comes about from my own experience.  Last month, after not being sick for nearly a year and a half, I stopped my morning ritual for approximately three days because I was scrambling around, trying to get things done before our Vegas Vacation. I let myself get stressed out, started thinking negative thoughts (such as I’ll never get this done in time and why do I even bother with this, etc.) and, wouldn’t you know it, by the end of the third day I had a sore throat. Even though I did recognize my spiraling negative thoughts, I started to correct them too little, too late and ended up with a nasty case of Strep Throat and didn’t enjoy Vegas very much. Even though I started my morning ritual up after the three days of letting it lax, that three days was all my body needed to allow stress and negativity to make it sick.  I learned a very valuable lesson from that and I will never tell myself, “I think I’m getting sick or something,” ever again. In fact, even the word “sick” has a negative connotation to it and will be avoided at all costs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that anyone can change a thought pattern from negative to positive.  It just takes a bit of effort and a little discipline to get the ball rolling.

Have a good weekend and keep on thinking those positive thoughts.

p.s. Here’s a couple of pics from Nola’s boudoir shoot last Wednesday.

The first one is called Juno in the Boudoir.  He is one sexy little yellow dog.



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