Boudoir Photography – Caroline Anytime and Sometimes in the Boudoir

As I’ve said before, I grew up in Logan Lake, BC, Canada. We moved there in 1980, when I was five years old, and the population was approximately 1500 people. My parents built a house at the top of Ponderosa Avenue and our new next door neighbours, The Kings, had three kids and one very awesome, very inviting, above ground pool.  I can’t remember if I went over and introduced myself first or if one of the kids came over to say hi to us, but I imagine it was me.  I imagine it went something along the lines of, “Hi. My name’s Joanne, I just moved in next door. Can I swim in your pool?” Precocious?  Me?  Nahhhh.

My parents divorced in 1982 and my dad moved to Kamloops with my brothers while mom and I stayed in LL.  She ended up working two jobs to make ends meet and I was left with an abundance of time to spend with my favorite sitter, our next door neighbor Caroline King.  I worshipped her.  I wanted to be like her when I grew up.  She was so pretty and so nice.  She played games with me and always made me feel like such a special kid and, for a kid whose world had been turned upside down, feeling special was a really welcome feeling.  Anytime my mom needed a sitter, I would beg her to call Carrie and I’d be so excited when she’d be able to sit for us.  I don’t remember a lot of the specifics, but I remember the feelings – excitement, anticipation, happiness and fun.  What more could a kid ask for?

Time passed and I grew old enough to be at home on my own and Carrie graduated and headed out of town and we lost touch, until Facebook brought us back in touch again. Good ole FB!  We hooked up again last summer at a reunion and have been keeping in touch since. She’s still the same Carrie I’ve always known and loved. Beautiful, quick to laugh, smiley and just really genuine.  She still has that something about her that makes people feel special, too.

After I cajoled her for a month or two, Carrie finally came over last Sunday to get some photos done.  She wanted some boudoir and some anytime shots, so we did both in one day.  I had such a good time and, when you see her pics, you’ll see what I mean about her being beautiful and quick to laugh.

I haven’t gone through all of the boudoir pics yet, but I’ll post a little taste of them after the anytime pics.









There are plenty of boudoir pics yet to come and I’ll be posting some of them in a few days.  Thanks Carrie.  For trusting me to take your photos. For being the best babysitter ever.  For being such a good friend to me when I needed a good friend.  For being such a ray of light.  And, most of all, for laughing so easily and frequently, no matter what life throws at you.  I am indeed blessed to have a friend in you!

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