A fantastic day to visit Helmcken Falls…Sort of!

Friday night we decided to call up Kris and Tori (our very good friends who live in Clearwater) to ask if they had plans for the day because we missed them and wanted to head out for a visit.  Turns out they were free as The Shawshank Redemption‘s, Andy Dufresne, after he swam through the sewage to escape his prison.  Woo hoo! Clearwater here we come.

When we left Kamloops, the weather was beautiful and sunny and the temperature was climbing up to a fore casted 17°C.  When we arrived in Clearwater, there were still huge piles of snow everywhere and it was an overcast and balmy 7°C (sarcasm, people, sarcasm).  Doh!  So much further north than we are. Good thing I brought my jacket at the last minute, just in case.

We hung out for an hour and then all of us, including wee baby Evan, piled into my little Honda Fit and headed up to Helmcken Falls.  Can you believe that Greg has lived in Kamloops his entire 32 years and has never been to the Falls?  Bizarre.  I thought he’d been everywhere around this area, but I was wrong (do you hear that Greg, I’m willing to admit when I am wrong or mistaken – novel concept, isn’t it!!!!). Anywho, I digress.  Back to my story.  We headed up to the Falls – cheerful, talkative, anticipating Greg’s reaction to the spectacular view from the viewing platform.  As we headed up, the road became more and more choppy and full of potholes and the skies grew darker and more ominous with every kilometre.  By the time we made it to the Falls, it was raining, dark and none of us were as talkative as we were when we’d headed out for our little adventure.  But, we are troopers and we bundled up and headed for the viewing platform with rain pelting us and our breath revealing mini ghosts in the air all around us.  I was thinking, Ick, this weather is pure yuck and I wasn’t excited about much of anything anymore (bad weather is one of the only things that can bring out Grumpy Jo lately), but when we got there, Greg looked over the edge, sucked in a breath and said, “Wowza!” and my grumpies vanished.

It’s so easy to let negativity creep in and take hold and make us forget about the little things, such as the wonderment felt at the first view of an awe inspiring act of nature. As I watched him look over the edge with big eyes and a boyish grin, I felt like smacking myself upside the head.  Snap out of it, woman, I thought to myself. It’s just a bit of bad weather.  No need to let it ruin this already stupendous day. And just like that, I was cured of the bad-weather induced mood and back to enjoying our visit with friends.  It always amazes me how easily I can turn my negative thoughts around or snap out of a mood, just by paying attention to my thoughts.

Our visit to the Falls lasted all of 15 minutes and then we headed back to Kris and Tori’s to hang out and chillax.  By the time we returned to their place, the sun was shining and it was a truly beautiful spring day. We talked, laughed, ate delicious food, enjoyed each other’s company and had lots of baby time with Evan – who is growing like a weed and seems to have a little crush on me ;).  The day was, in a word, awesometastical!

Here’s a collage I threw together this morning of my favorite pics from the day (sorry, none of the falls because I didn’t even take out my camera while we were there – lazy, lazy, lazy Jo). I especially love the pic of Sage sticking her tongue out at me. She likes to hiss and growl at me too.  All animals love me, so I just can’t seem to understand this crazy little kitty’s antagonism toward me.


And here’s a couple of me and Evan. One of me telling him to get his game face on because Greg was going to take our picture soon (I actually look angry in the first one, but I assure you I was smiling and making funny noises for him) and a self P of us.



Yesterday was just what we needed.  Thanks Kris, Toria and Evan, for being so hospitable and letting Juno absolutely trample the pristine snow playground of your backyard!  He told us on the way home that your backyard is now one of his top three favorite places to play. Well, okay, he didn’t really tell us that, but we figure it must be true – our clues were the yard that looks like a herd of Elk trampled through it, one very dirty tennis ball and one extremely exhausted little yellow dog who slept all the way home in the car.  Life is good.

As an aside, Greg is in a foul mood today for no apparent reason.  He’s been having little temper tantrums since he woke up this morning – can’t find things (mostly because he never puts things back where they belong), his headphones for his ipod don’t fit properly inside his motorcycle helmet, the raisin bread he was baking for him mom rose too much and doesn’t look perfect…the list goes on and on.  I asked him what had set him off and what I could do to help.  Apparently, that was the wrong way to approach his mood because it set him off on a new tangent about how he “hates it when I point out that he’s in a mood”.  Oops.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he just really misses having Kris closer so they can hang out more and he may be suffering from a bit of “Kristian Cooke Withdrawal Syndrome”.  I sent him out for a motorbike adventure for the afternoon.  He’ll probably be in much better spirits when he gets back and has many interesting pictures to show me of his travels.  Men can be such little boys sometimes.  *sigh*

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