Family Photography – Hanging With The Heywoods

Today, I feel blessed.  Even though I am not a religious person, there is just no other way to describe the way I feel. It’s as though a big set of lips has come down from the heavens to brush a kiss along the top of my head. Maybe it’s my mom coming back from the other side for a brief moment, just to fill me up with love and happiness.  Whatever it is, I’m rolling with it.

Last weekend, I drove down to Vancouver to stay with my cousin Debbie and her family.  It’s been longer than forever since we’ve had a chance to hang out and I really missed her.  When I was younger, Deb’s family lived on a farm in Langley and I would spend two weeks with them every summer.  Those vacations are some of my most cherished childhood memories.  Playing with piglets.  Deb letting me ride her horse, Jenny.  My cousin Trevor getting in mega trouble for shooting the sheep with paintballs.  Good times.  I used to follow Debbie around like a lost puppy and I’m sure it drove her nuts, but I think that’s the way of it with older cousins.  Just can’t get away from that whole “my younger cousins are driving me crazy” thing!

Now that we’re all grown up and we both have busy lives and live in different areas of BC, we hardly ever see each other. Every year I tell myself that I will make more of an effort to stay in touch, but ever year comes and goes and we never seem to get a chance to connect.  So, when a cousin on the other side of the family was having a Bridal Shower last weekend, I decided to take the opportunity to catch up with Debbie and to spend some time with her kids (whom I love to pieces).

The weekend was, in a nutshell, awesometastic! I played with her kids, caught up with her, got to know her husband, Kal, a little better and, in a nutshell, talked her ears off (Sorry Deb Deb. You know me, Mrs. Chatty Chat Chatterbox).  Friday was Deb’s birthday so the kids and I hung out while Deb and Kal went out for dinner.  We had so much fun.  Let’s see…we played with play dough, wrote a story about me getting crushed by a walrus, read some stories, played tag with the dog, watched a movie and had the most crazy tuck-in ever (100 kisses each and a huge, bone crushing squeeze from “Auntie” Jo).

Here are a few pics from our Friday Night Funscapades.  Oh yah, we also skipped to my lou my darling.

_dsc0122Josie read a little bit of her book to Mitchell and, at one point, while I was sitting patiently with camera at the ready, he said, “Jocelyn, you are not a very good reader yet.”  This is the face she gave him in response and I, of course, cracked up.  Pretty opinionated for a kid who can’t read yet!!


Here she is, working away on our story. It was about a walking banana, a talking pineapple and a walrus who accidentally crushed me as flat as a pancake when he jumped out of the ocean.  But it was okay because the banana and pineapple found an air compressor and blew me back up to regular size. I was so grateful, and hungry, I ate them up. The End.


The title of our story was The Banana, Pineapple and Flat Jo. As you can see, the title says fate, but it was just a typo and Miss J quickly corrected it.


Mid-story we had to stop so Josie could show me her rubber chicken that lays eggs.  Alllllrighty then!


Mitchell decided he was going to write his own best-selling children’s story.  It was a masterpiece – so full of colorful characters and witty dialogue.  That boy’s going places.  He had me laughing hysterically at his story, which was surprisingly similar to the other story we were writing, only it involved a cow, instead of a walrus and an apple and orange. Funny, funny kid.


Here we are, hard at work…gotta love those self portraits.


All done.  As you can see, we weren’t having any fun at all.


Time for some popcorn and a movie.  Yayyyyyyy!


Saturday was even better.  We flew kites, played at the playground, watched another movie, played on the swings in the back yard, went out for Sushi (which both kids like) and then went down to the ocean for some crab watching and a snap happy hour!

There wasn’t much wind, so the kids had to run their little hearts out.


Josie got a little stuck in the monkey bars, which was surprising because she’s truly a little monkey.


It’s uncanny how much Josie looks like her mom did at the same age.


Remember that monkey I was telling you about…


Here’s another little monkey in training!




After we had a delicious sushi dinner, we headed down to the beach.  What a good looking family!


Mmmmm, bubble gum ice cream!


Double yum. Bubble gum ice cream and crabs.


I had to make this one black and white because of all of the blue bubble gum faces!


What a great way to top off a fantastic day and an awesometastic weekend. It was just what I needed and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to finally spend some time with Debbie and her family. I’m sure they were exhausted after the whirlwind that is Jo left, but I hope it was a good exhaustion.

Love you guys way up to the sky and can’t wait to do it again when you come up to Kamloops to visit us!!!!!

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