Gratitude & Attitude, BC SPCA Fundraiser and Free Family Photo in the Park Day

Oh, so many things to be grateful for this week and only a few to give attitude about.  I’m pressed for time, so it’ll be a shorty today, but I do want to mention a couple of things before I get started. I am in the process of organizing a Free Family Photo in the Park Day for families on Income Assistance or fixed incomes.  I am looking for photographers to volunteer their time (approximately six hours sometime on a weekday in July) to shoot approximately 30 -40 families each.  If you are interested in donating your time to this excellent cause, please contact me at 250-554-7314.  Also, I have just sent out the invite for my first ever Boudoir Bash Marathon – it is set for June 27th and July 18th and I’m doing it to raise money for the SPCA here in Kamloops. The idea is that ladies who want a boudoir session done, but are too shy to do it on their own, will bring a friend or two and you can all get a session done and support each other.  Trust me, the sessions go much more smoothly if you have a friend there to cheer you on.  I’m also using the day as a marketing and networking tool to bring in more new clients. My idea is that, for every person who brings a friend I have never met, I will donate $25 to the BC SPCA.  This means that if ten people bring one friend who I don’t know, the SPCA will get a donation of $250.  It’s my main charity and I am always looking for ways to bring them more money and help them out (besides with my time, which I also donate quite often to exercise dogs).  Anyway, check it out and if you’re interested, give me a call or email me.  Thanks.


Okay, without further ado, here is today’s Gratitude & Attitude.


  1. To my mom, of course.  Even though she’s gone, I’ve realized this week that she still guides me along the right path with her subtle whispers and the odd tap on the shoulder.  I still dream about her, speak with her when I meditate and know that she’s here if I ever need her.  I’m grateful that I’m in touch enough with my spiritual side to recognize those cues.
  2. Kecia Kubota (the photographer Kevin Kubota’s sister, not wife) for sending me so much helpful information for organizing the Free Photo in the Park Day.  She’s been organizing theirs (in Oregon) for five years and she is full of any and all answers to my, well, millionish questions.  Thanks Kecia, I really appreciate you.
  3. My clients of late. You have all made me feel so good about myself and proud of my photography.  It really makes a huge difference in my performance as a photographer when I get such amazingly flattering feedback.  And, if I can make one person feel beautiful or boost someone’s self confidence, then my job is worth every hardship I’ve come up against. Thanks so much to all of you.
  4. BC SPCA.  I’m so grateful that they finally investigated the owners of the neglected dog on our street and that they actually did something about it, rather than just handing out a warning.  No dog deserves to be outside, with no shelter in all kinds of weather and chained up with an enormous chain that weighs down its neck.  If I were that dog, I would prefer death over a life like that.  And, come to think of it, I think those owners should be chained up in the middle of winter with nothing but a light coat on.  Pardon my harsh words, but I just have to say BASTARDS.
  5. Josie & Mitchell. Two of the most well-behaved, polite, and funny kids I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.  You two rock and I’m so grateful that I have you in my life.  Thanks for being such good little kiddos!


  1. The monkey on my back that is named TRU Open Learning.  This contract with them couldn’t end fast enough (regardless of the great people I am working with) because it is just so all over the place. I would expect a huge university to have their #$%^ together, but apparently, size has nothing to do with efficiency.  Come on June 15th – the best date ever.
  2. People who don’t leave detailed lists about whom their belongings should go to if they should die. It’s people who neglect this aspect that cause families to feud over items you leave behind.  Just make a list for Pete’s sake.  Save everyone a lot of bitching and back stabbing and underhanded ridiculousness.
  3. Snotty photographers.  If you don’t know who you are, let me give you a hint. You are the guy or gal who looks down your nose at other  photographers (new or established) with an attitude along the lines of “my photography is so much better than anyone else’s photography that I can’t even believe the powers that be let those other people touch a camera”.  You are stuck up and not willing to share your supposed knowledge or expertise (mostly because you are probably terrified of admitting that other people have talent as well) with others.  You are the photographers that judge other people’s photos without first admitting (or even realizing) that photography, like many forms of art, is completely subjective and will be looked upon with different eyes by each individual who sees the same photo. Dane Sanders calls you a photographer with a case of the grumpies.  If you would only take a step back and look around you a bit, you would realize that there is plenty of room in this world for all sorts of photography styles and that, were you to share your “gifts” with others, the rewards would far outweigh the dangers of helping your competition. In my opinion, the best photographers out there are the ones who are not only willing to share what they know, but also to look and listen with open minds to fresh perspectives and learn new things in the process.

Have a good week everybody. I hope I hear from some of you about the Photo in the Park Day and Boudoir Bash.

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