Juno is having his 15 minutes of fame and my brain has deserted me

Can you believe it?  Juno is the new poster boy for the Burnaby SPCA.  I am so happy that I taught him how to run on the treadmill. Here he is, the little poster dog for the Jog for a Dog campaign.  The picture above his is a dog they superimposed on a treadmill, not the real thing.  The picture was so sad that I had to send them a real picture of Juno running on the mill!  I’m such a proud doggy owner today!!!


Aside from being proud of our little Ju Ju for, well, just being the awesome dog that he is, I’m also having a doozy of a day in the brain fart department.  I have exactly  seven weeks left in my writing/editing contract with TRU and I still have piles and piles of writing to get through and two thirds of a course on water disinfection to finish.  I’m literally swamped to the gills with paperwork and what does my brain decide to do?  It takes a nice little siesta and refuses to allow me to focus or concentrate all day long.  Instead, it told me I should be cleaning up the house, doing laundry, editing pictures, surfing Facebook, playing with the dogs, rollerblading, watering the garden and, of course, preparing healthful meals throughout the day.  Not once did my lovely brain sit me down and say, “Now Jo, you really need to buckle down and get to work on that TRU job because there are only seven weeks left and, frankly girlfriend, you’ve been slacking off a bit too much.”  Nope, not even a peep about it.  And to think, I used to believe my brain was a logical, forward thinking, organized organ.  Hah.

And so, since it’s already 9 p.m. and my brain is just starting to grow back a conscience, I’ve decided to let it go until tomorrow morning.  When I wake up, Ms. Brain better be back in tip top shape or that’s it, I’m going to do something drastic -rollerblade without a helmet on or something equally sinister, just to show her who’s boss….Ah, female logic, I love it.

Happy Hump Day everyone.  Sweet dreams!

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