Jodie Jean Nahirney’s getting hitched!!!

She was such a cute kid – soft spoken, thoughtful, giggly and just all around fantabulous – and now she’s such a beautiful woman and she’s getting married.  *sigh*.  Look at this kid, she was soooooooo adorable.


This next pic is the cutest pic ever of Jodie and Matt (her big brother) sound asleep when they were little.  I love this picture.


We are only six and a half years apart, but sometimes it feels closer to six and a half eons!  We moved away from the Coast when I was only six and the only time we spent together was when our families got together a few times each year, but I love her just as much as I would had we grown up living next door to each other.  Matt too.

Okay, admittedly, she did go through the crazy teenage years where she wasn’t as sweet as she could have been (especially to her mom), but I think most teenage girls go through that stage (I was much worse than she was).  I remember visiting my Auntie and Uncle when I was 19 and Jodie was 13 and I spent half of the time with my mouth hanging open at the way she would talk to my Auntie Terri.  I couldn’t believe how, well, snotty, she was!!!!  I called my mom later that night and apologized for ever being a snotty teenager and putting her through the hell I must have put her through.  It made mom cry, but if I hadn’t seen Jodie in action, I would never have realized how terrible I had been when I’d been her age.  Thank goodness we both made it through those ridiculously hormone riddled years and finally gave our moms a break!  I will never forget that lesson as long as I live and it also made me feel better to know that even little angels can turn into devils sometimes!

Aside from that little bump in the road, I am proud to know the woman Jodie has become.  Sometimes, no matter how often you see people, you just can’t help but love them and Jodie is just so incredibly lovable!  She’s beautiful, intelligent, funny, compassionate and full of life.  And now she’s found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life loving.  Blake and I don’t know each other very well, but I like what I know. He’s hilarious, deceptively sensitive for a big, burly, manly man (just like my Greggor) and, best of all, he loves her to pieces.


Last weekend, I headed down to Vancouver to Jodie’s Bridal Shower.  We played a game where Blake had been asked a series of questions about Jodie and Jodie had to choose which answers he gave.  One of the questions was, “Which of Jodie’s features do you like the most?”  It wasn’t her smile or her legs or even her perky little behind.  Nope, his answer was “everything”.  If I hadn’t liked him before, his answer would have totally tipped my decision in his favor.  It just doesn’t get any sweeter than “everything”.

The shower brought many gifts and here are a few of my favorite pics from the gift opening.

There’s nothing better than a gift that brings tears to your eyes and sometimes, it’s the simplest gifts (such as a candle holder with pics in it) that mean the most. Look at that beautiful smile.


And, of course, there’s the gifts for the wedding night that are always a hit.  Woooot woooo.

_dsc0355_0127I am shooting their upcoming wedding and I just have to say how much I’m looking forward to it and how honored I am to be able to capture the love and happiness of two such amazing people.  I wish you both a long life of learning and growing and, above all else, never ending love!

One thought on “Jodie Jean Nahirney’s getting hitched!!!

  1. Hey Jo. What a nice thing to do for our little Jodie. Almost shed a little tear.We all cant wait for the wedding, what a great celebration it will be!!!!
    Take care


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