Life – It’s Fishing Season And The Competition Is Heating Up!

The wind is ridiculous – it’s freezing cold, carrying the last remnants of winter snows on it. It blows right through my hoody, bypasses my hair and makes its way right down my neck, sending shivers down my back.  I tuck my shirt in further, tighten up my hoody, open up some hand warmers and stuff them in my pockets to warm them, pick up my rod and try not to jump up and down in frustration as I cast and my line gets hopelessly tangled.  Ah, fishing season is upon us and, when I’m not cursing the wind and ordering it to return to the caverns of hell from whence it came, I’m holding my breath as I fight to get a fish to the boat.  All the bad weather, all the relentless hours of standing motionless (except for my lips, of course – ha ha ha), all the moments of sheer, unadultered frustration and rage – none of them stack up to the sweet, unforgettable, heady exhaultation of reeling in a bigger fish than my husband!

There you have it.

I fish, not for the thrill of being in the great outdoors, not for the pride of being able to bring home dinner, not for the beauty or the majesty of the fish I’m fighting against, but simply and truly for the amazing feeling of weighing a fish and then dancing a little jig while Greg stares at the scale in disbelief.  Some days, I want nothing more out of life than to hold up a fish and say, “Woo wee, that there’s a bigun, in’t it sweet cheeks!!!”  The look on his face, coupled with his instant look of determination and concentration while he recasts is worth more than a lifetime of all you can eat crab legs!

If there’s one thing that Greggor can do better than most, it’s fishing.  We’ve gone fishing so many times when there are twenty or thirty boats on a lake and we will be the only people catching fish.  In the last five years, he’s taught me nearly everything he knows…and I’m a quick learner. I bet he wants to kick himself each and every time I pull in a hog!!!

Today was our first day fishing this year and, while I didn’t catch any fish bigger than his, I still enjoyed the friendly feeling of competition we share when we fish together.  It makes us laugh – at ourselves, at each other, at our dog – and laughter is what keeps marriages strong and flourishing.

Here are some of our fishing pics from our quick trip to Jacko Lake this evening.

Juno likes to watch me fish.  He doesn’t bother Greg at all, but he stares at me or at my line the entire time.  I like to think it’s because he’s cheering me on and willing the biggest fish to bite my fly.


He also likes to sit with one paw lifted while he watches me fish.  Here I am imitating him. I was saying, “Look at me, I’m Juno…”


If he could speak, he’d be saying, “Look mom, a fish just jumped near that branch.  You’d better recast so you’re closer to it.”  I tend to listen to his instinctual canine fishing advice.


This is the first year that I’ve been able to cast with wind and not tangle my line every time!  Yay for me!  I think Greg was mighty proud of me today!


Juno’s job is to give each fish we catch a little kiss before we release it.  He takes his job very seriously.


It was freezing.  The fish weren’t biting.  So Juno and I sat down and had a little heart to heart.  I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me that he had no idea what I was talking about and that he wished I would just steer the boat back to shore so he could continue chasing marmots.  Kids these days.  They just don’t listen to anything their parents tell them.


Here he is watching Greg’s progress as he fought a fish up to the boat.


And here he is giving her a lick of approval before Greg released her.  She was 3.5 lbs, but she was a spawner and we had to release her.  Otherwise, she would have been dinner.  Poor fish must have been close to crapping herself as she watched that big, pink tongue coming toward her…lol.


And here I am with a little guy on the line and then not on the line anymore.  Juno just looked at me and shook his head in disgust.


As you can see, it was as cold as it looked and I was so happy to get back into the truck and warm up.  Juno was just happy to be able to chase marmots all the way down the road to the highway.  He just hasn’t figured out that he’s not fast enough to catch them because they have so many hidey holes to dive into.  But he sure has fun chasing them.

When we finally arrived at home, he headed into our room to find his favorite toy and have a little cuddle. She’s a purple and pink Unicorn named Uni and he sleeps curled up with her every night.  Yahhhhh, I’m going to have to go ahead and mention that our dog is a tad neurotic, but we wouldn’t want him any other way!


Good night and Happy Fishing!

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