Boudoir Photography – Dani Anytime and Sometimes in the Boudoir

Her name is Danielle and she is magnifico!  Gorgeous, full of life and laughter and, even though I only met her just before our shoot, I could tell that she was my kind of friend material.  She drove three hours to come up here from Langley for our shoot, jumped out of her van, dropped her bag on my bed and started pulling out sexy outfit after sexy outfit.  “Any excuse to go shopping for lingerie,” she quipped while cutting off the tags from her new skivvies and I couldn’t help but pick up on her infectious good humor!  I think Dani’s the kind of gal that can make anyone feel at ease and also bring enthusiasm bubbling up to the surface at the same time.  I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together.

Doing my best to get to know her a little, I asked her about her reasons for doing the boudoir shoot.  She said that she’d been going through some life changes of late and that, in essence, she’d lost herself for awhile in being a wife and a mother and it was time her to find herself again.  This response made me stand back and take a deep breath and smile.  After all, that was the entire reason I started doing boudoir photography in the first place – to help women find their inner beauty again.  I couldn’t have received a better answer, had I handed her a script and asked her to read it out loud.  I seriously loved her reasons!

The best part of my job, aside from the creative license to be myself and do what I do best, is the amazing people I am fortunate enough to meet and work with during the course of my day to day operations.  I feel totally blessed if I can make one person feel beautiful and confident again and, according to Dani’s response to her finished photos, today is a blessed day.

Here’s what she said about the experience:

“Thank you so much Jo…it was an amazing afternoon, thank you thank you…can’t wait to see them. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin, let alone in front of someone holding a camera..oh my Jo…are you sure these are me? lol…they’re awesome! Thank you for such an awesome time..I love it….come to think of it…I love them all…can’t believe it’s actually me :)…”

Well, there you have it.  I think she’s pleased.  So, without further ado, here is the beautiful and vivacious Dani – Anytime and Sometimes in the Boudoir.











Miss Dani, thank you so very much for coming such a long way and trusting me to help you find yourself again.  You are da Bomb baby!

4 thoughts on “Boudoir Photography – Dani Anytime and Sometimes in the Boudoir

  1. Jo…What an amazing thing to say…you brought tears to my eyes, not only because of the beautiful pics, but now the beautiful words….and yes I did find myself last weekend…and you know what? She’s a damn hot beautiful woman, inside and out.

    Hugs and kisses


  2. I’m so glad you liked the whole experience. And I’m so glad I’ve added a new friend to the mix!

  3. Wow! What great photos Jo! It’s obvious Dani is beautiful inside and out. Nice work! Perhaps one day — I said ONE day — I’ll be brave enough. 🙂


  4. Very nice work. Boudoir photography is all about bringing out that special something that every woman has. Great job. I work very hard to do the same thing for my clients here in Phoenix at my boudoir photography studio –

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