Boudoir Photography – Jen Anytime and Sometimes in the Boudoir

Have I ever told you about Jen, my acupuncturist? She pretty much saved my life.  Well, if not my life, at least my sanity.

After years of visiting doctors and fertility specialists in hopes of conceiving, I stumbled across a book on Fertility by Randine Lewis (an acupuncturist and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Randine has helped hundreds of couples conceive naturally – even after numerous failed attempts at In Vitro Fertilization and other assisted reproduction procedures- and she does it all with diet changes, meditation, herbs and, most of all, acupuncture.

After I read her book and made all of the appropriate diet changes and other suggestions, I decided that it was time to search for an acupuncturist.  This was not easy for me to do because I had tried acupuncture once for PMS symptoms and it had been an absolutely horrendous experience.  Uncomfortable.  Painful.  Maddening.  However, we wanted to have a family so much that I figured I had to bite the bullet and give ‘er another go. It was not something I was looking forward to and I definitely dragged my feet to my first appointment, but the moment I met Jen for the first time, all of my reservations just dissipated like a cloud in the wind.

If I could sum Jen up in five words, I would say she is calming, spiritual, compassionate, beautiful and hilarious. All that and a phenomenal acupuncturist to boot.  I’ve been seeing her for just over a year and, although I’m not pregnant…yet, I definitely feel better than I ever have and I know a huge part of that is due to her and my regular forays into Jen’s Happy Hour!

It was my profound and distinct pleasure to do an Anytime/Boudoir session with Jen last weekend.  This girl is off the hook gorgeous and she was a natural in front of the camera.  Greg was out, so we used my entire house as a studio and, for her anytime pics, we took advantage of the amazing light in my dirty old carport and on top of our hot tub.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from our session.





Jen_Boudoir-63 11x14

Jen_Boudoir-45This is one of the pics that I took of Jen in the carport.  The light was awesometastic.


And this one was taken while Jen sat on our hottub cover. I love to find good light just lingering around my house.

Jen_Boudoir-70 8x10Thanks Jen – for being the amazing, vivacious, loveable gal/acupuncturist who you are and for allowing me the privilege of shooting your pics.  You are one of the best people I know and I am so blessed to have met you.  You rock!

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