Family Photography and Deep Thoughts: Musings About Morning Breath

Let’s face it, there’s nothing romantic about Morning Breath.  When I wake up in the morning, despite my overwhelming love for Greg, the last thing I want to do is kiss him.  In my perception of a perfect world, we would roll out of bed, run to the bathroom and brush/gurgle and then return to bed for some snuggle time and a good morning smooch fest before greeting the day.  Inevitably, though, Greg just ends up grumbling about how high maintenance I am and how much I ruin the moment when I ask him to brush his teeth.

Well, excuse me, Mr. Halitosis, I’m just trying to improve the moment a little by not having to plug my nose during a good morning kiss.  Sheesh.

I am a bit fanatical about brushing my teeth and scrubbing my tongue so I never have to worry that my breath will cause people to fall over in a dead faint. This is not to say that I’ve never had bad breath – nobody can be minty fresh all the time and I certainly wake up some mornings with breath putrid enough to gag even the most enthusiastic eater of carrion – but I sure do make a colossal effort to keep the Chiclets clean and free of food.  Greg doesn’t seem to share my enthusiasm for excellent oral hygiene.  In fact, if I ask him to brush his teeth because he has bad breath, he always gets annoyed and grumbles about it.  I don’t understand his reaction. The odd time that he has mentioned to me that I have bad breath, I have thanked him for letting me know and headed to the bathroom to brush and gargle.  What’s the big deal?

I find myself wondering if this is a pride thing?  Does he think I’m attacking him or nagging?  Does anyone out there enjoy kissing someone who has morning breath or just bad breath in general?  Maybe I should start sleeping with a nose plug – the kind that synchronized swimmers wear – just so I won’t notice the breath issue upon waking…who knows?

Posts are always better with pics, so here’s a sneak peak of the shoot I did with Natasha & Kolby last week.

Tasha & Kolby002

Tasha & Kolby004

Tasha & Kolby006

Tasha & Kolby005

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