My Husband – Redneck or Backyard Environmentalist?

What?  Yes, it’s true.  My husband – whom I sometimes refer to as The Ultimate Redneck – has left me speechless…well, not technically speechless because then I wouldn’t be blogging about this, but metaphorically speechless anyway.

Two nights ago we had a little bit of rain – hours and hours of a crazy downpour, guaranteed to drown our newly sprouting garden and flood basements below river level citywide.  I was nearly convinced we were in the middle of a monsoon, but we live in a semi-desert, so I’m fairly sure it was just a spring storm. We have a gutter attached to our carport that empties into a five gallon bucket and, when it gets full, we wrestle it over to the cedars and dump it out.  However, the other night, the bucket was filling up every ten minutes and Greg was getting a tad put out.

In my infinite wisdom, I suggested that we just let the water spill out onto the lawn.  What harm could it do? Greg gave me a strange look before being kind enough to point out my flawed “woman” logic – the basement is only five feet from the lawn and, with the amount of water the skies were spewing out, we would have had a nice flood lickity split.  Okayyyy, sorrrrrrrry!!!

Muttering and swearing under his breath, Greg disappeared outside for twenty minutes and I assumed he was finding a bigger bucket to collect the rain water.  I was wrong.  Instead, he was using his ingenuitive, technical, man brain to solve the problem permanently.  When he came back in, he was beaming and bubbly with pride. Had he been a bird, he would have been puffing up his chest and preening. “Boo,” he called.  “Come see my invention.  You’ll like it.  It’s good for the environment.” Alrighty then.  This I gotta see.

All I can is WOWZAS.  What a great idea.  Check it out.

First he took a 2 Litre pop bottle and cut it apart to make a funnel. Then he screwed it into the end of the gutter and attached a hose to it, which he ran all the way across the backyard to the cedars.






Greg's_invention-6Not only did his little invention work amazingly well, but it was also good for the environment because it uses the rain to water the cedars, instead of water from the tap. Last night when it poured, yet again, he ran outside and put the end of the hose in my garden to give it a good drink.  My husband – Redneck or backyard environmentalist? Stay tuned…

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