Natasha & Kolby Anytime

Wayyyyyy back in 2001, when I started the long road toward a degree in Chemistry, I met Natasha. We didn’t hang out much for the first couple of years of our program, but somehow all that changed as our group chose majors and we all divided off into our little nerd fifedoms.  Tasha chose Chemistry as her major, just like me, and we started to get to know each other through mutual classes and, I cringe to say, through our involvment in the Chemistry BioChemistry Club (aka the CBC at TRU).  Once I got to know her, I just knew we’d be lifers as friends.  There’s just that certain something about this girl that reminds me of the sun’s pull on the earth.  Magnetism.  I love being around her for so many reasons – she’s funny, honest, selfless and very, very human.  She feels everything and I love that about her.

Tasha’s one of those women who is absolutely beautiful, inside and out, but doesn’t see it in herself.  I think those are the best kind of people – the ones who don’t let ego get in the way of being a good person.  And she is one of the best people I know.

And then there’s Tasha’s son, Kolby.  He’s an eight year old boy and, in a word, CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZY.  He’s hilarious, overflowing with energy and, yes, he can drive his mama a bit off the deep end on occasion.  Aside from his normal boyishness, he’s also sensitive and thoughtful and he really tries hard to do his best, to make his mom proud and happy.

Last week I had the pleasure of doing an Anytime shoot with Tasha & Kolby. We went to MacArthur Park and shot at a few different locations and I had a blast.  That kid can make me throw my head back and laugh out loud every time I see him.  At one point, he really wanted to climb this huge tree and get some pics taken on it, so we watched him scoot up, laughing and talking the entire time, until he turned around and looked down…lol. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all, but the pics turned out great and Tasha and I helped him down without any major mishaps.  Kolby also plays baseball, so Tasha had the idea to shoot some pics in one of the dugouts.  I love the way those pics turned out.  Of course, with such really ridiculously good  looking (yes, that’s a quote from Zoolander) people, how could they turn out any other way!











To see all of Natasha and Kolby’s pics, click here

Thanks so much for the good times, you two. Love you lots. xoxo


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