Blog Creepers

My step sister, Ali, often talks about people “creeping” through her Facebook pages.  You know, people who add you as a friend, but never speak with you – they just check out your status and your pics, like Peeping Toms (aka Creepers) and then leave without so much as a hello.  Then you hear later that such and such was creeping your Facebook page and they saw a picture of such and such doing yada yada yada.  Yes, creepy little creepers.

I had to chuckle about this today when I logged on to check my blog stats. After seeing that 38 people have read my blog today and also noting that not one of them has left a comment, I find myself wondering why there are so many blog creepers out there who don’t make themselves known.  I read about ten blogs each day and I always make sure to leave a comment for the blogger, just to let him or her know that the effort is truly appreciated and that I really enjoy reading about them.  Not only that, but I often click on names in the comment sections (the ones with links to their own websites or blogs) and am most often pleasantly surprised by their sites or blogs.  It makes me feel connected to people.  I enjoy feeling connected.  I like people.  This is a shout out to all of my regular creepers – please, make your presence known because I enjoy hearing from you!!!!

Here’s a few shots from our trip to the beach last night.  There’s nothing cuter than a man and his best friends (aka Greg with Juno and Dyogi) hanging out at the beach.

Beach fun 210509_0007

Beach fun 210509_0037

If I had to gauge it, I would estimate that Dyogi is about 93% done with this life.  He turned 15 on May 17th and he has really slowed down in the last few months.  He can’t walk for more than five minutes at a time these days and he no longer seems gung ho to go for car rides and beach excursions.  He’s content to go for a little beach visit once or twice a week, where he just snifs around a bit and then lays down to watch the world go by.  He’s definitely creeping up on twilight and this makes us both sad (that soon he won’t be around anymore) and happy (because he’s had such a long and healthy life).  I caught this shot while he was watching Greg hit the tennis ball into the water for Juno and I think his face expression says it all.  I’m tired and that little dog has WAY too much energy…

Beach fun 210509_0040

Stay thirsty my creeping friends!

4 thoughts on “Blog Creepers

  1. I creep on your blog lot’s because it is so damn good and I don’t always take the time to tell you that. Hope you can forgive me and my fellow creepers

  2. Hi, my name is Heather…and I’m a Creeper. I creep every morning Monday to Friday as I’m sitting at work getting ready to take on another day. This is my first offense on a weekend. And I feel totally busted. Your blogs have made me cry due both to laughter and inspiration. So, only naturally would I need to keep coming back for more. Your comedic descriptives bust my gut and your perspective on Life and Well Being is outta this world, hence the inspiration. Thank you! Keep on bloggin’ and I’ll keep on creepin’. Can I be a seeker instead, I don’t want to be creepy?

  3. I’m busted, I’m a creeper! I love your blog and end up having to go back twice or more to finish reading as something usually comes up….stupid job! i usually go to leave a comment and then have to log out. My bad! But I’m home today with a crabby and sore 18 year old who had her wisdom teeth pulled. Your blog always brings out a array of emotions and always leaves me with a smile and something to think about. Keep blogging and stay thirsty, and I will try to comment after my creeping!

  4. Well, I creeped, I crept, I laughed. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your blogs, I laugh everytime I creep here……….creeping’s fun, you never know what’s gonna turn up!

    BTW, your latest wedding photos are AMAZING!!!!

    Keep up the good work, so all of us creeps out here can keep creeping!

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