Reading. My Favorite Procrastination Activity

There’s just something beautiful about the sweet, electrifying smell of Friday mornings!  I’ve opened my office window and I’m taking a deep breath, smelling the air of excitement that always seems to permeate the day before the weekend.  Even Charlie, our cat, has his head out the window – of course, he’s watching the little chickadees that like to play in the cedars and raspberry bushes every morning, but I like to imagine he’s smelling the promise of a good weekend as well.

Remember, way back in October when I posted a blog about Amanda & Graham’s engagement?  Well, the time has come for this fantabulous, awesometastic pair of love birds to stand up in front of their friends and family and say those timeless, magic words, “DJ, cue the music!”  Just kidding, they’re getting married tomorrow and I have the honor and privilege of shooting their sensational nuptials.  I’m so stoked. Here’s a pic of Mandy & Graham, just to refresh your memories.

A Kiss at sunset sunk in color pop 11x14

I love weddings.  So fun.  So romantic. Weddings invoke feelings of adventure and optimism and, hey, who doesn’t want to feel that???? Weddings are kind of like a love drug for me. I leave them feeling high and feeling the love for days…of course, there was that one wedding I attended, where the bride slept with the best man (who used to go out with the MOH) and the groom found out and all hell broke loose…that wasn’t very love invoking…oh, no, wait, that was a novel I read awhile ago, Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young. You may have seen the movie, The Wedding Date, which was loosely based on the book and is one of my all time favorite movies. I mean, Dermot Mulroney…Hollllllllla (as J Star would say)!!! This brings me to today’s topic: Reading As A Means of Procrastination.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I have an innate penchant for procrastinating.  I come by it honestly as my father is one of the biggest procrastinators on the planet (that’s not an exaggeration – I literally know everyone on the planet and he is one of the biggest P’s I know 😉 ). Inevitably, whenever there is serious work to be done that is not of the creative nature, my brain shifts into a mode I like call Purposeful Procrastination.  I start thinking of other, “more important” things to do besides what I should be doing – vacuuming, brushing the dogs, taking pictures, sleeping, scrubbing the toilet, etc. You name it, my brain will come up with it.  Today is a huge prep day.  I should be charging the batteries of my cameras and flash, cleaning my camera sensors, cleaning my lenses, packing my lenses, packing my photography accessories, charging my cell phone, charging my laptop, choosing an outfit for tomorrow’s “work” day, etc.  Have I done any of that yet?  Ah, not so much…

Instead, I woke up at 6:30 a.m., wiped the sleep out of my eyes, told Greg to have a good day at work and to be safe (he’s an electrician, I worry…), scratched Juno’s belly and rolled over to grab the Sookie Stackhouse novel that I’d fallen asleep reading the night before (Dead To The World).  I read 187 pages to finish out the novel and then jumped out of bed at 7:45 a.m., where I washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on some coffee (which I’ve been drinking a lot lately) and grabbed the next book in the series (Dead As A Doornail)Hello, my brain knocked. Do you realize you should be getting ready for tomorrow’s wedding and not reading another novel???? Well, duh, of course I was well aware, but did it stop my eyes from darting down each page, enthralled at the prospect of what might happen next to my favorite telepathic heroine?  Nope! And now, after reading another 100 pages, I’m sitting at the computer blogging instead of crossing To Dos off my list.  *sigh*.  By 6 p.m. tonight, I will suddenly have an attack of Oh Oh, better get these things done and I’ll run around like a headless chicken for a couple of hours until my list is inundated with thick black lines and I’m hyperventilating with my head between my knees.  I understand this about myself and I am even resigned to it.  At least I do get stuff done, it just has to be under immense pressure if that stuff involves non-creative subjects.  Ask me if I ever procrastinated about reading a novel or book of poems when I went through my BA and guess what answer you’ll get!!!!  Of course, lab write ups during my BSc. in Chemistry were  a whole different story!!!

There you have it.  I procrastinate about mundane tasks and give my all to creative ones.  Phew, I’m glad the cat’s out of the bag, so-to-speak.

Now let me get back to Sookie. If any of you are into supernatural novels and you haven’t read any of Charlaine Harris’ novels about Sookie Stackhouse, you are in for a real treat.  Okay, let me rephrase that – the stories of Sookie are a treat, but the writing itself is not exactly pristine.  There are times, while I’m reading her novels, that I close the book for a second and pray for the writing gods to give me the strength to get through a particularly poorly written passage.  How does poor writing like that get past editors????? While Ms. Harris’ storytelling is top shelf, her grammar and sentence structure and many other parts of her writing often leave me itching to grab a pencil and start copy editing her work. I can’t help it.  If you work as an editor for long enough, these impulses become ingrained in your psyche – it’s akin to a smoker’s need to feel a cigarette between their fingers, except I need to feel a pencil between them instead.  I’m addicted to ridiculously good grammar.  I’m a good grammar junkie and poorly written works leave me itching for another fix.

All that aside, though, I adore these novels.  The humor is deadpan (no pun intended as they involve a lot of vampires) and I find myself throwing back my head and laughing in nearly every chapter. Sookie is a telepath who can read most minds (except that of vamps) and, as such, many people think she’s crazy.  Once she becomes involved in the supernatural world (by saving a vampire’s “life”), she realizes that she can’t hear his thoughts and, of course, falls for him.  By the fifth novel, which I started reading this morning, she has two vampires fighting over her, a sexy werewolf is totally crushing on her and more than a few supernatural beings want her dead.  Good times. Again, if you watch the HBO series True Blood, you’ll have an idea about this girl. Anna Paquin stars as Sookie and, although the series doesn’t exactly follow the books, it’s deliciously entertaining.

Let’s face it, I’m so jacked up on Sookie’s sojourns into the supernatural that I won’t be getting much done today until I’ve finished Dead As A Doornail and then banned myself from picking up the next book in the series until further notice.  Further notice being after the wedding and after next week when I’ll be up to my ears in finishing up my writing contract with Thompson Rivers University.

Of course, none of these things could keep me away from blogging!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of a Dos Equis beer commercials lately and I’ve decided that I am going to borrow their tag line to sign off my blogs.  It’s awesometastic and it can mean so many things.  So, until next time, Stay thirsty my friends!

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