Choices, Choices, Choices

A week or two ago, I posted an “I choose” affirmation on my Facebook status in hopes that I would be able to invoke a response from my friends and family. The spiritual side of me knows that we map out each life before we even start living it, but the side of me that subscribes to the power of the universe also knows that everything in our lives is made up of choices.

For those of you who know me or read my blog, you know that I wake up each morning and recite a daily list of positive affirmations.  Well, recently, I began adding “I choose” affirmations to my morning ritual. Now, as I stand at the mirror brushing my teeth and washing my face, I take a mental run through of my “usuals” and then I add one or two “I choose” affirmations. They are sometimes the same as the day before and sometimes different, depending on my mood or a particular aspect of my life that may need a boost.

Positive affirmations, no matter how silly they may sound to people, have worked wonders on my psyche and my moods.  Bottom line, they work and, even if you don’t believe me, I urge you to give them a try for a week and see what happens.

Here are some of my favorite “I choose” affirmations:

I choose:

  1. to be happy.
  2. to greet the day with a smile.
  3. to remember those less fortunate than me.
  4. to breathe deeply when I am troubled.
  5. peace over conflict.
  6. love.
  7. to rock this day’s socks off.
  8. to see the little wonders.
  9. to believe in myself.
  10. to believe that the universe hears me.
  11. to laugh heartily.
  12. to remember that I have more than I will ever need.
  13. to believe that money comes easily and frequently.
  14. to be easy on myself.
  15. to give back.
  16. to cry when my heart is full of love or sadness.
  17. to forgive.
  18. honesty.
  19. not to judge others.
  20. to be free of jealousy.
  21. to rejoice in everyday life.
  22. compassion.
  23. to be humble.
  24. to show others the beauty that I see in them.
  25. motivation.
  26. dedication.
  27. loyalty.
  28. to think with a positive spin.
  29. to enjoy sleeping.
  30. to be patient.

I could really go on and on and on, but you get the picture.  There is a positive affirmation for any situation and all it takes is a little thought and a heartfelt belief that your words are sent out into the stream of consciousness, where the universe hears them and sends good things your way.

So, having read mine, what do you choose?

Here are a few sneak peak pics from Mandy & Graham’s wedding. The rest will have to wait until next week after I have finished my writing contract for TRU.  Of course,  I choose to enjoy working for the man…!

M&G_-54 with border

M&G_-72 border

Mandy_&_Graham-368 copy

M&G_-175 border

M&G_-182 border

Good night and stay thirsty my friends!

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