Have You Seen This Camera?

Yesterday, through an unexpected stroke of ill luck, my camera gear was stolen out of my carport.  This is not a good thing. I was heading out to shoot some pics of the TRU grounds for the wedding book I’m working on right now and I forgot my keys.  So, I set my gear down and headed back into the house, grabbed the ringing phone and ended up chatting with Super D (that’s my friend Donna) for a few minutes.  Then I used the bathroom and headed back out the door…to find that my gear bag was not where I’d left it.  I thought I must have brought it back into the house with me, so I went back in and looked around, then searched everywhere, then panicked and ran outside to scan the street. Nada.  As the realization sunk in that I’d been robbed of my livelihood, a huge cloud descended over me and it had Alanis Morrisette’s famous words, “Isn’t It Ironic” imprinted into it with big black letters.  Just a couple of weeks ago I was joking with Jen about how great it would be if someone bad befell my cameras so I would be justified in buying new equipment (even though my equipment was awesome and I couldn’t afford to buy new stuff – it was just a joke for Pete’s sake).

Ever heard that expression, “Be careful what you wish for”?

Now I’m thinking Alanis should have included a line in that song about “It’s like your camera gear, going misssssing, after you’d joked about how cool that be.”  Let me tell you, it’s not cool.  It’s downright f@#king terrible and I feel a tad violated.  I also feel as though the universe is sending me a “serves you right” message.  Our street is busy, busy, busy and we don’t live in the best neighborhood, so the police had a great time trying to figure out who could have done it…no, people, that was sarcasm. I asked the officer what the chances were of my equipment being found and he looked at me and said, “Well, if it is found, which is highly unlikely, it most likely won’t be in useable shape.”  Awesome.  Thank you for your candor. He advised me to put in an insurance claim.  Great idea!  Except, oh, the $1000 deductible and the fact that I have clients waiting to get their photos done NOW.  I have eight shoots scheduled for next week, starting on Monday.  I’m thinking the chances of those shoots happening may be between slim and none.  I would love to just throw some new gear on the old credit card, but seriously, credit cards are the devil and I don’t need that kind of hassle. So, I guess I’ll just rearrange my shoot schedule, wait for the insurance company to process my claim, and keep calm and carry on, while trying not to lose my mind.

I bet you can guess what’ll be in the Attitude section of my next Gratitude and Attitude…

Here’s someone who will never end up in the Attitude section of G&A…the ever adorable Juno the Wonderdog


2 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Camera?

  1. Man Jo, that truly sucks! I am sorry that you have to deal with all that. We can handle a time shuffle for our session and I really hope you get everything settled soon so you’re back in action!
    I just read down a few posts and wanted to say A) Sorry for creeping…I probably do so at least once a week. I will try to be a better commenter! B) I LOVE the beach pics with the dogs. That picture of Dyogi brought tears to my eyes…he really does look tired but also handsome and proud and full of the wisdom that a long happy life brings. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. That sucks so much Jo! Everything gone in such a short time and right from your property. We have had thieves in the neighbourhood lately (a group of teens is suspected) but I don’t have anything of real value outside so we haven’t been hit. Just my hanging baskets and Chad’s truck….like I said, nothing of value. 🙂 Hope your stuff turns up unharmed.

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