Peanut Butter and Jelly in my Belly!!!

Lately I’ve been reliving my childhood every morning when I wake up and make myself Peanut Butter & Jelly toast for breakfast.  Yes, I actually mean Jelly and not Jam.  I’m stuck on this organic blueberry/grape combo that just bursts in my mouth and makes me do a happy dance in my kitchen.  Normally (well, in the last year and a bit anyway) I don’t eat PB because the rancid oils in peanuts aren’t good for you. However, since I’ve stopped trying so hard to make my body into a temple that will accept pregnancy, I’ve kind of started to live on the edge.  I still avoid dairy, and usually sugar, as though they are the plague, and I don’t eat wheat or gluten or anything except sprouted grain breads made with flax and flours sans wheat in them (geez, I sound like such a Granola, don’t I), but I just couldn’t give up on the PB&J any longer.  I mean, come on, is there really anything out there as yummy as PB&J on toast?  Okay, I know there is, but I really, REALLY, love it and, since it makes me do the crazy happy dance every morning, why would I give it up?  Well, my behind may ask me to give it up if I eat too much of it, but even then I’d only reduce my happy dances to three or four mornings per week, instead of seven!!!

During the last five days, I’ve been editing wedding and boudoir pictures, as well as finishing up the last module for my TRU writing contract.  Basically, aside from running the dog in the a.m., I’ve been sitting at the computer for approximately nine or ten hours per day.  I’m knackered (that was said in a harsh english accent) and I just can’t wait to be finished this darn TRU gig so I can concentrate on all of the things I’m passionate about – like photography and all things PB&J.

Last night, I went through the pics from the reception from Mandy & Graham’s wedding, weeding through them to find my favorites (and the one’s I think they will love).  I went through their first dance pics about ten times because the time line of the pics tells a story and, wouldn’t you know it, in nearly every picture, Mandy is smiling or laughing.  I kept thinking, Wow, these two are so perfectly suited for each other.  He makes her laugh ALL THE TIME. That girl did more laughing during her day than some people do in a lifetime (not me, of course, I am a laugher as well).  Here’s what I mean.  Just look at how happy and adorable this couple is.

M&G Reception015

This is my favorite pic of them dancing.  I played around with it to give it a kind of old school black and white feeling and I really, really love it.  They were both so smiley all day long (as people should be on their wedding day) and I laughed so much that my cheeks hurt by the end of the night.  That’s how weddings should be!!!

M&G Reception044

M&G Reception053

M&G Reception055

And I just wanted to post this last pic of the best man, Dustin and the groom’s brother, Brandon.  They were hilarious and hammed it up for the camera every time I pointed it in their direction.  Crazy boys!

M&G Reception077

And check out the “dress shoes” of the dude on the left!!! LOL.

Well, my blog creepers, that is all I have time for today, but tomorrow I’ll post a few more pics from M&G’s wedding and maybe one or two more of Juno the Wonderdog (because I know you all love him as much as we do!!!!!)…Stay thirsty my friends.

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