Running with my Cell Phone

I seriously have about five minutes before I have to head out to my first graduation shoot of the day, but I thought I’d tell you about my morning run.  Firstly, let me just say how much I detest running.  In fact, I used to love it, but I had to stop after I broke my neck and I just never found the motivation to start it up again.  Last year I attempted to go for a 20 minute run and came back with a sore back, aching neck and aching knees (for about a week), so I just gave up. However, my friend Jaime kind of motivated me to give ‘er another go, so I pulled up my socks, gritted my teeth and took off on Tuesday morning to run on some trails by the beach. It didn’t even hurt this time.  Woo Wooooo.  Perhaps my body is finally beginning to heal up from the whole neck fiasco.  Yay body!  Way to finally get off your healing butt and get in gear!

Anyway, on Tuesday, I threw on some Addidas shorts (with pockets) and a tank top and headed out. No problem.  Keys in one pocket, cell phone in the other.  Today, however, I got up ridiculously early and threw on a stretchy skort (with no pockets to speak of) and a sports bra and tank.  When I arrived at the beach, let Juno out and then locked my car, I suddenly realized I had nowhere to put the keys or the cell phone (which I can’t live without because I simply must keep connected at all times).  Sooooooo, I decided to stuff said items into my seemingly tight sports bra.

Things went really well (minus my lumpy-looking chest) for about 15 minutes and then I started to work up a sweat and the cell and keys started to slide around a little.  Next moment, DISASTER…the keys slipped out the bottom of my bra just as I was jumping over a puddle and, in my haste to catch them before they hit the water, I bent over too much and the cell phone flew out of the top of my shirt.  I managed to catch the keys and knock the phone flying away from the puddle, but guess who ended up face down in the sandy mud, holding up her keys so the battery didn’t short out????  Well, it wasn’t the naked old guy (I was running the trails at the nude beach, okay – they have great trails there) who watched the entire episode and was laughing so hard that I couldn’t help but notice there were parts of his anatomy bouncing along with his laughter (ewwwwwwwweeeeeehhhh).  Nope, it was me, that’s who.

Crazy, key-catching, phone-flying, running-woman, sprawled in the mud in front of icky old naked, laughing man while Juno sat down and watched me, I swear, with a big ole smile on his chops.  It’s times like this I wish I had a camera built into my eyeballs, so I could blink and capture the moment.  As I forced myself to dunk in the freezing cold river and wash the mud out of my eyes and ears, I thought, “Hmmm…maybe next time I’ll wear something with pockets…”

I’ve finished with the wedding pics that I’ve been editing for the last couple of weeks. Now I’m just going through my second shooters’ stuff. Here’s another pic of Mandy that I forgot to post the other day. It’s one of my faves.



Later peeps. I wish you enough.

One thought on “Running with my Cell Phone

  1. That was frickin’ HILARIOUS Jo! I’m sure it wasn’t for you at the time but man did I get a good chuckle today…so much so I had to read it a second time tonight. Thanks for the laughs! 🙂

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