Crystal In The Boudoir

Oh my gosh…I took some pics nearly three weeks ago of a beautiful lady named Crystal and I just had my first chance to look at them tonight. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

The first things I noticed about Crystal were her amazing eyes.  Golden brown – deep and crystal clear, framed by a pixieish face and a beautiful smile. I could tell right away that she was very shy and nervous about the shoot, so I started cracking jokes and acting a bit like an imbecile, just to coax her out of her shell.  And, as usual, my annoying persistence and winning charm won out in moments 😉  and she was instantly at home in front of my lens. Mwah ha ha ha…okay, okay, it took a bit longer than “instantly”, but she did loosen up. She has a sweet, infectious giggle and I found myself giggling a lot during the shoot too.

Crystal just had a baby six months ago and she looks beeeeeeautiful.  I have to say that I absolutely love it when a woman doesn’t get all self conscious about her body after she has a baby. Crystal’s all curvy and voluptuous right now – curvy in all the right places – and I really enjoyed shooting her.  She was even fearless enough to let me take a few nudes of her, although I won’t be posting those pics!  We’ll just save those for her guy!






Good night ya’ll. I wish you enough.

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