Life is SO Unpredictable.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes life can just be zooming along at the speed of sound, with everything on track and no worries to speak of and then, WHAM!, all of a sudden something catastrophic happens and the train veers off the track, crashes through a guardrail and slides to a screeching halt, teetering on the edge of a deep canyon?  In a nutshell, I just had a MAJOR computer malfunction and lost the entire set of wedding pics that I was just about to blog about.  I’m not sure what happened, but it could have something to do with having Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Windows Media Player, Facebook and my cell phone charger all going at once on my computer. I tried to transfer a few files to a folder for compression and POOF, there went all of the files.  I can’t find them…anywhere.  Good thing I backed them up onto a DVD as soon as I’d finished them.  Now I just have to go out to shed to my storage safe and put them back onto the computer so I can blog about them.  I’m quite happy that I back up all of my work, originals and final edits, for every job I do, otherwise, this could have been a major boo boo against my good business name (especially if I hadn’t yet delivered the final product to my lovely clients yesterday).

And, to top off my smooth ride on the train tracks of life, Juno decided it would be a fantabulous idea to jump out of the car window yesterday while the car was moving!!!!!  He saw a Marmot and we were going slow enough that I guess he decided to make a break for it, so out he jumped, rolled a few feet and then was up and running after his #1 furry nemesis before I could even call  his name.  What a dumb ass.  Has he ever jumped out the car window before? Well, er, yes, once when he saw a grouse on the dirt road on the way up to Red Lake (but we were stopped on the road, watching the grouse at the time and we pretty much gave him permission).  This time he did it at McArthur Park, on a busy stretch of road and in front of about a bazillion people.  How hilarious would it have been to be someone (other than me, of course) watching the whole thing unfold.  Dog in car sees Marmot.  Dog jumps out of car window while car is moving, rolls across the pavement and then takes off after the Marmot.  Driver of the car pulls over and passenger jumps out and takes off running after the marmot-crazed dog while turning beet red with embarassment that her perfect dog is not as perfect as she may have thought.  Was I angry?  Nah, more mortified by his derelict behavior than anything.  That is until a ten year old girl rode by on her bike and said, “Wow!  What a cute dog, but he doesn’t listen very well eh.”  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhh.

Ever seen that scene in Marley and Me where the dog jumps out the front window of the car and Owen Wilson has to hold onto his back legs while Jennifer Aniston pulls over so they can get the dog back into the car?  This was infitely more amusing.  Like I said, arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh.

I guess I’ll be blogging about the wedding later on tonight or tomorrow morning.  I feel as though my sanity has been misplaced somewhere and it’s going to take a margarita to get it back.

I don’t even have a pic to post for today, that’s how flustered I am.

Stay tuned for the full story of Graham and Amanda and their wedding pics.

I wish you enough…sense to never, ever, let your dog become interested in chasing marmots!

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