Teresa The Traveller – Anytime

A few weeks ago, my friend Teresa, a travel photographer, asked me to do a shoot for some anytime photos for the back covers of her travel books.  Despite a few scheduling conflicts, we finally had a chance to hook up and rock a shoot.  I laughed my “behind” off and, as you’ll see from some of her pics, so did she!

Teresa is, among other things, a travel photographer and an electrician!  You can see some of her work on here website here and she has also written some books about her extensive travels. I edited a book she wrote about working in Afghanistan and it is very interesting – a story of her experience  working and falling in love in the middle of a warzone. The book is called From Kadahar to Kabul: Love and Rocket Attacks and it’s well worth the read. Teresa is using book sales to raise money for an orphanage being built in Egypt and you can read a bit about it and purchase copies of her books here.

We wanted to do something different for the shoot, so we headed out to the Hoodoos near Kamloops Lake and played on the train tracks and on a lonesome stretch of road.  It was HOT out there, but between mopping off the buckets of sweat pouring down our faces and backs, we managed to get some fine shots.  That was, without a doubt, one of the most fun shoots I’ve done yet and it left me with about a bazillion other creative ideas that I’ll want to incorporate into future shoots. I think I might even start offering a package called the “Making Tracks” package that is a shoot done strictly on railroad tracks, using different props and different outfits.  It was an incredible feeling to be creative in such a bleak and, ahem, boring landscape!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from the shoot.









Teresa-2084 And, just because, here’s a pic that Teresa shot of me at the end of the shoot.  She was playing around with my D700 just to see if she liked it and she actually took a picture of me that I somewhat like…what can I say, I’m a photographer’s nightmare – that’s why I stay on the other end of the lens!

Jo coffee

You can see more of Teresa’s shoot here.

I’m off to Vancouver to shoot a wedding this weekend, so I’ll see ya’ll on Monday.  Until then, I wish you enough.

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