Meet the Bonderuds

Have you ever heard that saying about everyone in the world being connected by only six degrees of separation?  The tale of how I met the Bonderuds is a six degree example.  My Mother-In-Law used to be a Coroner for this region and Joanne Bonderud volunteers with Victim Services here in Kamloops (which works closely with the police and Coroner service to help relatives cope with the loss of their loved ones).  Joanne’s oldest daughter was graduating from high school and she was online, shopping around for a photographer when she came across one of my ads.  The name LeFlufy (pronounced Luh Floofy for those of you who are so fond of calling us Leh fluffy, like a puffy cloud or a cotton ball) is not very common and, from her work with my MIL, she immediately recognized the name and clicked the link to my site.  When she called me to ask me to do some photos, she mentioned that her daughter was graduating and, as it turned out, her daughter and my youngest brother were graduating from the same school on the same day.  What a teensy tiny world this can be sometimes.  Anyway, I agreed to do the shoot and headed over on the day of Commencements to take some family photos.

WOWZAS!  What a good looking family they are.  The first thing I thought when I walked up to the front door and Joanne introduced me to her family (including parents and sister) was that everyone had such nice skin and looked so well put together that I wouldn’t have to waste any time touching up skin blemishes!  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and just can’t resist the need to clean up the acne and baggy eyes of some of my subjects.  It’s tedious work that sucks up my precious time, but I do it because people deserve to look their very best in photographs. If that means I have to spend a couple minutes ridding a face of blemishes or diminishing wrinkles, so be it. I was pumped that I wouldn’t have to do any such thing with the Bonderud family.

The next thing I noticed, aside from the fact that they were all really, really ridiculously good looking, was that they were soooooooo nice. Easy to talk to and they immediately made me feel at home and welcomed.  Sometimes, no matter what I do, some clients never seem to warm up. Perhaps it’s because we’re only together for a short time and it would just take too much effort to get to know me or perhaps they aren’t very social people. I don’t know the reason, but I do know that the Bonderud’s are amazingly hospitable and relaxed people.  I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and look forward to doing another with them someday soon.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their session and, even though they may lack a little of my usual creative edge (as I had already done seven shoots that week and was feeling fairly tired), I think they turned out well and Joanne really liked them, so that is all that matters.

Bonderud 4x6_30

Bonderud 8x10_05

Bonderud 8x10_09

Bonderud 8x10_11

Bonderud 8x10_14

Bonderud 8x10_08

I’ve been doing a lot of shooting from above people lately – I’m not sure why, I just like it and I think I might stick to it as part of my personal style.  That, and it takes people’s double chins away, lol.

Thanks Bonderuds!  I look forward to doing more pics for you in the future.

I wish you enough and stay thirsty my friends.

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