Juno The Wonderdog Has A Fetish For Marmots

Anyone who knows me understands my monumentous love of all animals, big or small, so many people may question my indulgence of Juno’s obsession with chasing Marmots. The thick of it is, marmots are very ingenuitive and there is no way that Juno The Wonderdog could ever catch one of them.  They have sentries that are always on duty – sentries who keep an eye out for dogs (like our little Ju Ju) and other predators and then warn all of their friends and relatives with a cheek cheek sound and everyone dives for the nearest escape hole.  Juno – bless his heart – doesn’t seem to understand this and he still tries his hardest to stalk the marmots and sneak up on them (he also doesn’t seem to understand that the tags on his collar clank together, further giving away his presence).  The poor little guy doesn’t have a hope, which is precisely why I allow him this little indulgence.  For the record, he doesn’t chase cats or other animals because we have never let him have a go at it.  It’s Marmots or nothing and he’s cool with that.  In fact, this morning during our run, a kitty ran out directly in front of him and it didn’t even phase him.  He sniffed the air and just kept on trucking along beside the bike.  He’s a good boy – he’s just a tad neurotic when it comes to Marmots!

This morning, I decided to take an extra long bike ride with Juno in hopes that we would see some deer, especially the twin fawns that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately.  And, if we happened to stumble upon a Marmot colony, so be it.  We were rewarded with lots of deer, two adorable fawns and, yes, a truckload of Marmots.  I brought my point and shoot Canon, which isn’t great for far away subjects, so the pics look pretty terrible.  But I’m going to post them anyway because that’s how I roll.

Here we go. A couple of bucks having a morning snack in the trees by the tracks.Jo-3733




And then, sure enough, there they were.  A mama and her two fawns who have been hanging out near the river.  We’ve seen them about five times in the last month and, believe it or not, they have grown a ton in the last few weeks.  They are still so tiny and terribly cute. Juno and I watched them for about twenty minutes while they grazed on the brush by the road.  The fawns were very interested in us and kept trying to come over and investigate, but mama wouldn’t let them and she kept running up behind them and nudging their butts with her nose to get their attention and steer them back to her.




Here’s a few of Juno running along beside the bike.



At last, Juno’s most favoritist thing in the world…MARMOTS! This is how many were hanging out on the rocks before I told Juno it was okay to give chase.


This is how many were hanging out when I gave him the okay to take off.


Notice the lone sentry at the back, watching Juno as he explores the rocks.  This is what Marmots do – as the predator moves along their hidy holes, sentries wait for them to pass and then pop up to keep watch and alert the rest of the colony and the other sentries of the predators whereabouts.  Like I said, smarty smart smart.  No wonder our city is literally overrun with Marmot colonies.


Ah yes, yet another unsuccessful Marmoting Adventure.  Juno decided to cool off in the river.


Even though it was raining, it was a great morning for a bike ride. Now, back to work…I wish you enough.

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