My Youngest Brother Graduates

WOW!  And I repeat, WOW!  As I was sitting there at Ian’s convocation ceremony, I was thinking to myself, Ian is 18 years old and graduating.  I graduated nearly 18 years ago.  HOLY CRAPACOLY, I’m getting old. Of course, at 34, I can hardly be considered old, but it was just the thought that when I graduated, Ian was just a wee babe, that made me cringe a little inside. Aside from that, I felt a huge glow of pride envelop me when my youngest brother (the one who is most like me in so many ways) took his turn walking across the stage to get his diploma.  I cheered. I hooted. I hollered.  Of course, he was a mile away, so he barely heard us, but we yelled up a storm nonetheless.

Here’s a pic of my handsome bro just before the ceremonies started up.


Did you get a look at those eyes? That’s heartbreaker material right there.  Add in his hilarious (if teenagerly) sense of humor, his natural athleticism and his tendency to follow his own style trends and you’ve got a teenage girl’s dream all wrapped up in a neat package. Am I biased because he’s related to me?  Maybe, but I don’t care if I fall on the side of bias because he’s just a great kid and I love him to bits.

Admittedly, I give this great kid a hard time about his attitude towards authority (which is a bit ridiculous coming from someone who was exactly like him at that age) and I bug him endlessly about his penchant for wearing skinny jeans (I mean, come on, they didn’t work in the 80’s, why would they suddenly work now), but I really do love him for being the person he is – strong willed, intelligent, creative, talented (both musically and otherwise), and loving. I’m fairly certain that his creative talent stems from the time I was babysitting him when he was only a little over a year old and I let him climb up onto the piano and then fall off (bouncing first on the keys, then on the bench, before hitting the ground with a thud).  I think I must have knocked the creativity right into him with that fall ;). I’m really proud of the little brat and I am so excited to see what the future holds for him and how he’ll use his many talents to carve out a place in this big ole crazy world.

Ian, I am so grateful that Dad remarried and you and Sheila came along to enhance my life. We may not always see eye to eye (mainly because you’re three inches taller than me), but I think that’s what makes me love you so much. If we never had any conflict between us, our relationship would never grow stronger because we’d never have to make the effort to understand each other.

Congratulations on your graduation. I’m looking forward to hanging out and shooting together this summer. And – because I end all of my posts with the same message – I wish you enough and stay thirsty my friend!

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