Graham & Mandy Revisited

It took me nearly three weeks, but I finally made it through all of Graham & Mandy’s wedding pics and just finished putting together their wedding photobook.  Creating a book is always the most difficult part of the whole process for me because I like to make it as personalized as I can and there are literally thousands of photos to choose from.  I make a point of including info from the day, such as memorable speeches, the wedding song lyrics, funny stories etc.  Luckily, for Graham and Mandy, many of the photos helped tell the story for me.  I also interviewed the Bride & Groom separately and asked what they love the most about each other.  Their answers were very sweet and Mandy even got a little teary eyed when she was describing her love for Graham.

I used to use for my books before I started shooting professionally, but I stopped because the quality of the books wasn’t as nice as other companies.  However, I am happy to say that they have improved their quality considerably and I am once again using them for my landscape books.  This makes me uber happy because they have the best, yes – THE BEST – customer service department EVER!

You can view the book here. It will take a little time to load the entire book, so please be patient.

Once again, thanks Mandy & Graham for letting me cover your day and for being just so darn deeply in love with each other 🙂

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