Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Kuczko

There are so many words that describe my cousin Jodie – beautiful, relaxed, sensitive, funny, sweet, loving, smart – but if I had to sum her up in one word, it would have to be delightful. Absolutely delightful. She has such a beautiful, alluring way about her, that it’s easy to see how Blake sometimes forgets that other people are around.  Here’s an example of exactly that.

Everyone else was watching the marriage commissioner, but Blake only had eyes for one lady.


That’s probably one of my favorite pictures from the entire wedding because it pretty much sums up what love is supposed to be like.  Who wouldn’t want to be looked at that way?

And then there’s Blake – this big, burly, bear of a guy who looks as though he could crush you between his thumb and forefinger, but is actually just a big teddy bear who has an infectious smile and giggle and a heart as big as a tree stump. I didn’t really know Blake very well before the wedding (having only met him a few times), but after his 15 (or maybe it was 20) minute speech, I felt as though I knew him so much better and I could tell that, no matter what happens, he’ll always make Jodie his first priority.  He’s a fantastic guy and, I’m sure everyone will agree, a perfect match for my cousin.

I’m not going to tell the story of how they met or how they got engaged – I’ll save that for the book that I’m making for them and you can read the stories when I post the book.

Instead, and because it’s been a very long week and I am aching to get to bed, I’m just going to post some of my favorite pics from the day.  I would have liked to have had more time to shoot with just Jodie & Blake as there were so many beautiful spots we could have used, but I’m still happy with the results.


















In the next pic, Blake’s parents are looking on and smiling. Isn’t that sweet!



And in the next pic, Jodie’s parents (my Auntie & Unclie) and her grandparents are watching them. I just love getting shots of the families as the ceremony is going on. My Aunt and Uncle are about to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. That makes my heart feel really full because it’s nice to know that couples can stand the test of time, despite how hard it must be.J&B_4x6_-3026



Look at the relief on their faces now that the hard part’s over!



It took us 15 minutes to get to the beach and then we had maybe 15 minutes to shoot pics before we had to get back for the reception.  Egads!








And then we had to head back to the reception, but I managed to sneak them outside after the dinner and speeches so we could grab a few more shots in the amazing evening light.




I’ll end the pics with a shot of Blake’s second most favorite thing, his dump truck! And, if you look really closely on the passenger door, it says “Jodie”…awwwwwww…so sweet.


Well, those are some of my favorites, but for some reason the compression program for WordPress isn’t making these pics look very clear tonight.  I’ll try to repost them in a couple of days when I have some more time.

If you’d like to see ALL of Jodie & Blake’s pictures, you can click on the following two links to view them on my Facebook Page.

Album 1

Album 2

I’m so happy that I was able to share their big day with them and, I must admit, the party was off the hook!  I had a blast, despite being exhausted from the day of shooting.  Thanks J&B – you guys rock and I’m so blessed to  have family like you!

Good night my friends. I wish you all enough.

One thought on “Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Kuczko

  1. Jo,

    You did an absolutely AMAZING job!!!! Thank you sooo much for being our photographer for our big day:) We dont know what we would’ve done without you!!Glad to hear that you had a blast at the reception…..we are blessed ourselves to have such wonderful family like you;)

    luv ya
    JOdie xo

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