Hiking around Lac Du Bois

Every once in awhile, I am surprised by yet another area around Kamloops that I didn’t know existed.  This time it was part of the Lac Du Bois provincial park area.  Greg and I decided we would head up batch to take Juno for a hike and to spend some time working on our nature photography skills.  Admittedly, I think Greg is much better at this than I am and, because I am keenly jealous of his nature skills, I welcome any opportunity to hone my own skills in order to improve!  When he stopped at one of our usual tobagganing spots, my jaw dropped nearly to my knees. I had no idea that such a bleak and blah winter spot was so spectacularly transformed in the warmer months.

“Why haven’t we ever come here in the summer?” I yelled at him, smiling.  “This is awesomefreakintastic”.  I was off, running with camera in hand before he even got out of the truck. By the time he caught up to me, I’d already taken 47 pictures (sky, flowers, pond, bugs, grass…anything that caught my eye).  Just wait til you see where we were hiking.   I can’t wait to do Cara’s photo shoot out there in a couple of weeks.  I’m super dee duper stellar stoked for it.

Check this out.  Did any of you know it was so beautiful up there this time of year?

Greg shot this pic of me shooting the pond.  Not one of the most flattering pics ever taken of me, but I like the fact that I can show both perspectives.



I decided to shoot only with my 30mm 1.4 lens because I don’t use it for anything other than boudoir shoots and I wanted to see what it was capable of outside the boudoir.




Greg’s lens didn’t extend far enough to get me clearly in the last shot, but it’s another one of both perspectives.



Isn’t it beautiful up there? Rolling hills of green with mountains in the background. Amazing.




Looking for interesting stuff to shoot.du_bois_greg_-5973

Greg found some Canada Geese and their goslings.  Adorable.



I could have hiked around there all day if it hadn’t been so hot out.


Just look at that view.  Wowzas!


And this one…lol


I could keep posting, but you get the idea. The area is magnificent and, like I said, I can’t wait to shoot with Cara out there in a couple of weeks.

Well, back to work…I wish you enough and stay thirsty my friends.

One thought on “Hiking around Lac Du Bois

  1. Wow, thanks Jo! I had no idea of how beautiful it was out there either…thanks for introducing me to yet another beautiful part of our area =) Great pictures!!

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