Gratitude & Attitude – Too Long Overdue

We all have days when we lose faith – in ourselves, in others, in the universe.  I’m having one of those days (mostly a temporary loss of faith in myself) and, at times like this, I try to remind myself of all of the things I’m grateful for.  I’ve been moping around the house and sighing all morning.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I just feel a general malaise surrounding me today and, although I know it will pass (probably before the afternoon is over), I still dislike feeling poopy.  Perhaps it is because I have been running at full speed for two straight months and now, all of a sudden, my dance card seems a bit empty.  Not a lot of bookings yet this month (which is actually a good thing and my own doing because we are heading out for a week of holidays on Tuesday), but it feels somehow scary and empty.  This thought strikes me as a bit ridiculous, so I know I need to snap out of it.

The rub of it is that all photographers (I think) have moments when they doubt their abilities.  Moments of pure anxiety during a shoot when they think, “Oh no!  None of my images are going to look any good and my reputation is going to go straight to hell.”  I have these moments all the time (even though I am usually quite confident in my abilities and creativity), which brings me to my need to do a G&A today.

We’ll start with the Attitude because it’s always best to end on a high note (incidentally, I’m not sure where that expression comes from – musicians or Potheads????).

Today’s Attitude Goes Out To:

  1. Uhm, uh, ahem…ok, I got nothing…..

Today’s Gratitude Goes Out To:

  1. My loyal blog readers, Facebook Page Fans (Jo LeFlufy Photography) and Facebook “Group”ies.  It is on days like this, when I’m losing faith in my creative abilities that I appreciate you all the most.  I can look back through your comments on my photos and read the nice, uplifting praise you’ve given me and it buoys my spirits like a snorkler in saltwater!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always boosting my confidence and making me feel proud of my work and the effect it has on others.  After all, the single most coveted reward for me as a photographer is to know that I can move people to emotion with my images.  You are my peeps and YOU ROCK!
  2. Greggor (the best husband ever): For seeing my face when we woke up this morning and enveloping me in the biggest bear hug ever, just because you knew that something was amiss and I needed, more than anything else, to feel loved and appreciated.  The longer we are together, the more we learn about each others needs without speaking any words. I love you soooooooo much and I am truly so blessed to be loved by such an awesometastic guy (and such an awesometastic dog, but that’s a different story).
  3. Michael Johnson: For always having sound and smart business advice when I feel as though I’m spiralling out of control and beginning to come unravelled.
  4. Michael Lapointe: For being such an amazing Stepdad – always there for me.  Always ready to make me laugh.  Always ready with hugs and “I love yous” whenever I see you. (And to Deb, too, for making you happy and always laughing at my crazy ways!)
  5. Ken and Liz: Two of the most genuine, amazingly nice people I’ve ever met.  Thank you for helping Mike through the impossibly difficult time after my mom’s death and for making him smile and gush about what great people you are whenever he speaks of you.
  6. The Universe: For reminding me that even though life gets a tad difficult (;0) sometimes, all it takes is projecting positive thoughts back out there to turn it around and bring things back to where they should be.
  7. Mom: the older I get, the more I understand why you raised me the way you did and how much of you there still is inside me – just waiting to be spread around to others.  I know, when I have days like this, that you are oh-s0 proud of me  – I feel it so keenly.

There, I feel better already.

Are you ready to meet the Tiessens?  I’ll be posting some of their family pics later tonight.

Remember: Choose to be happy.  Choose to be successful.  Choose to thrive.  The universe is listening.

I wish you enough.

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