Deep Thoughts and Froggy Love

I’ve been really sick for the last three or four days – I actually can’t remember how long it’s been because I’ve been sleeping so much that my days are starting to run together.  I missed Garbage pick up yesterday because I thought it was Tuesday, not Wednesday.  This morning, I broke down and actually took some Buckley’s Daytime Cough & Cold in hopes that it would clear up my head enough to get some work done.  So far, nothing’s happening, but I do have a bit of a giddyness inside me right now – like I’m stifling giggles and surpressing bubbles of laughter.  Side effect or just all around good humour about having my butt kicked by a cold/pseudo Flu/unknown Bug Ninja?  Who knows.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of “thought flitting” in the last few days.  The thoughts are just streaming in and out of my brain and I am neither trying to hold onto them or understand them, just letting them flow. I believe my sickness has given my soul a much needed forced meditation session.  I have been running with my hair straight back for so long that my body recognized the need to relax and calm down and so it brought on a sickness, forcing me to stop in my tracks and just breathe – although it’s kind of hard doing that with a stuffed up nose ;). Early this morning, as I was lying in bed, willing my mind to stop my body from aching, I was also watching thoughts about blogging pass through my writer’s mind.  I wondered to myself, Why is blogging so enjoyable and therapuetic to me? Do I want to be recognized by my writing or my photography or both?  Are the words as important to me as the pictures?  Or do they go hand in hand? Would I feel good if someone stopped me on the street and gushed about my blogging or would it feel infinitely better to be recognized for my photos? And, just like that, this quote that I read awhile ago by Blaise Pascal floated in front of my mind’s eye. “Even those who write against fame wish for the fame of having written well, and those who read their works desire the fame of having read them”. I laughed out loud at my mind’s preoccupation for supplying witty quotes whilst my body is enduring agony. Laughter’s been bubbling to the surface ever since.

Some even escaped this morning when I downloaded some new pics off of my camera and had a good look at them.  Sometime during the beginning of the week, I must have took my camera outside to test out some new techniques I’ve been learning – although I really have only a vague recollection of doing this in my sickened stupor.  I needed more than one subject, so I used stuffed animals.  When I looked at the pics this morning, I laughed so hard I snorted (although that probably has as much to do with the stuffy nose as the pics themselves).  If I didn’t know better, I’d think that I was shooting a series of perverted Froggy Porn.

The first pic cracked me up the most because I can almost see the frog’s eyebrows pumping up and down in a “hubba hubba” type motion.  I truly have NO idea what I was trying to accomplish with these pics, but I needed the laugh and am grateful that my sick self sent it to me, knowing that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. Enjoy.

Seriously, doesn’t it look as though Froggy took this pic himself?  The caption should read, “Check out this little beauty.”


“So, do you come here often, sweet cheeks?”froggy_love-5465

Mwah aha hahahahforggy_love-5460

After a long night of good lovin’, Froggy likes to practice a little “Froga”!


Have a good day peeps.  I wish you enough…laughter!

One thought on “Deep Thoughts and Froggy Love

  1. Ha ha ha Jo…I am sorry you’ve been sick but if that is the kind of stuff you produce when sick, I think we need to send a lot more germs your way! hee hee. Those are awesome! Thanks for the Friday laughs =)
    Oh, and I am STILL pondering choices so I hope I’m not holding you up or anything. I’m not rushed to get them (I was just rushed to see them!) but I will try to figure that out soon! Have a great weekend with your boudoir marathon!

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