My Sweet, Sweet Jenji

This morning I woke up with the intention of organizing some photos on my work computer before the day got started.  I was searching through a bunch of old pics (from before I started doing photography) and I came across Jenji’s wedding photos.  *sigh*.  She was such a beautiful bride.  For those of you who don’t know her or have never read about her in the Baby Olivia post, Jenji is one of my bosom friends.  She moved to Vernon about three years ago and I miss her terribly because we hardly get to see each other.  Here’s a pic of us on her wedding day.  Isn’t she beeeeeautiful…and really tall!!! I’m 5’6″ – you do the math!


Jenji and I have known each other for over ten years, but it’s only been the last five that we’ve been close friends.  There was even a stretch there where she was with Greg and I so much that we started to naturally include her in all of our plans because we knew she’d be around!  I sometimes miss those days, but then I think about how amazingly happy she is in Vernon with her husband, Taylor and her adorable, squishy, juicy daughter, Olivia, and I can’t help but smile.

Jenji (whose real name is Jennifer) is the kind of friend who I don’t have to see or talk to for months and months and then we’ll hook up and it’s like we’ve never been apart!  I love that.  A little bit about my bosom friend…She’s beautiful and magnetic -naturally drawing people to her.  She’s fiercely loving to her friends and family and she’s a total kid magnet.  That lady can be the Pied Piper when kids are around and, on top of that, she makes the best animal noises (especially a monkey and an elephant) – what kid wouldn’t love that skill! She has good taste and great style. However, the best thing about Jenji is that she’s absolutely side-splittingly, gut achingly, head hurting hilarious and never fails to make me throw my head back and laugh out loud when I’m talking to her.  She sees humor in even mundane things and I really dig that about her.  This isn’t to say that she just strolls through life laughing at anything and everything – even Jenjifer has her ick moments – but she does spend the majority of them guffawing her way through life.

It’s interesting how one picture can bring forward so many good feelings and remind us about who and what is important in life.  Jenji is one of my “importants” and I just wanted to share her with the rest of you.  And, Jenji, if you’re reading this, I can’t wait to hear about the “family race” that you had last time Suzanne and the family came out to visit!

Have a good weekend everybody. I wish you enough.

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